Friday, July 29, 2011

Westley Cole

i feel like i need a post just for my sweet west wee. i feel like i'm really getting to know him lately. i notice differences between him and cohen now. west is a very easy happy baby as was cohen. W lights up when he gets attention and will almost always welcome you with a toothless grin (still at 9 months no teeth!) he is a mama boy. i remember as a newborn he would calm when i would sing to him or hold him. i loved that. now when i come in the room and someone else is holding him he nearly jumps towards me!he is a very hands on baby. he likes to grab for everything... he is a lot of work to hold as well because he is very wiggly! he always puts things in his mouth and seems to really love toys... much more than cohen ever did. west likes that kind of stimulation which is interesting. he always sticks out his tongue too. its adorable! he LOVES food. he seems not as interested in baby food anymore. he wants the real thing. he'll still eat it but he lunges for food off my plate or anyone elses. he likes to pull himself up on things now but seems to not have very good balance. he has fallen and hit his head soooo many times. basically since he started rolling over and sitting up he's been hitting his head. so sad! i think he kinda milks it too. when he gets hurt i obviously comfort him but i think he lets his cry linger a little longer just for that reason. pretty cute right?!! he loves cohen too. he gets really happy to see him and squeals with delight at his big bro! cohen always covers west with pillows or blankets too and he just laughs hysterically. cohen is very possessive over his "baby buddy" lately he doesn't seem to want to share him. westwee is a fairly quiet baby too. he only has moments where he starts "talking" and making noises. his thing lately is to scrunch up his nose and breathe in and out through it! he loves it when i do it with him. well... thats all i can think of at the moment. we love our boys and i'm so in love with both of them i can't even describe it!!!!


emily marie said...

He is such a cutie! Both of your boys are!

Curtiss & Ginger said...

He is so cute! And you are such a good mom, I love to read how much you love all your's touching :) Miss you!

Jena said...

Your little family is too cute!