Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're in "tut tee"!!!

i can NOT believe how big toe ee is getting!

one day i just glanced over and saw west staring at cohen putting cheese on his crackers with the look of " i really wanna put that in my mouth!!!!!"

"palleeeease toe-ey?!!! just a little""

looks like he's going to swoop in on those crackers.

almost there...

mom... help me out here!

so here we are in "tut tee". thats how cohen says kentucky! but we aren't even there anymore... we're currently in indiana for the time being and who knows where we'll be next week... but i'll save that for another post! at this very moment as i'm typing cohen is making west laugh hysterically and it is my favorite thing EVER! they are what this post is about. i'm able to experience what i had hoped to when i got pregnant with west. i was so looking forward to seeing that friendship and fun that comes with having siblings!!!! i know it wont always be that way but i definitely appreciate the times when it is! sometimes if west is getting more attention than him cohen will act out and get crazy and aggressive... sometimes he just wants to be playful with west and doesn't realize that west can't tackle like him and daddy do! other times he just wants to be helpful and hold his bottle or give him toys. i think they're relationship is pretty typical. i am looking forward to a time soon to come when they will really play more together even though that will probably come with "mom, he hit me!" "moooommmmm he took my toy"... but i'll enjoy that too :)

i just heard laughter coming from cohen and looked over to find him throwing plastic forks at my brother in laws dog. aye. boys.

sooooo... lately i have been savoring every moment with these two little ones because more than ever i realize that they won't stay little for long!!!! especially west... i cannot believe he is 6 months already!!!!! i love love love this age! i love when i hear him making noises in his bed and when i peak my head in his little face lights up with his chunky cheek smile!!! he loves to grab his toes and gets so loud with his little voice. i've learned how easy kids are the first year now... because cohen is definitely more straining on my patience these days! i think he needs a shirt like his friend myles that says "this is my timeout shirt, i wear it all day long" ha! he really only acts up when he is tired but since we are currently living in hotels it is nearly impossible to get him to bed at a reasonable time and even harder to get him to nap unless we're in the car. so i have a very emotionally unstable 2 and a half year old! i'm really proud of him at the same time... he surprises me daily with how much he knows. he talks so well.... i think really well for his age. he also picks up things i didn't realize he was hearing... like "touch me babe" and "let me see you boobies"... i had a little chat with marcel after he said those!!!!!! oh man.
along with that he is recognizes numbers and can count to 10!!! although he always skips 5! ha!
he still calls jeeps and other vehicles that have tires on the back "beep beeps" which i love! he thinks they're steering wheels! he's getting better at the abc's and still asks me to sing it evvery night... he knows twinkle twinkle little star, you are my sunshine, i am a child of God, and the itsy bitsy spider songs too! randomy throughtout the day cohen will say i love you mom and gimme a tiss :) he is so loving and affectionate... at this moment he is yelling at me "MOM I NEED to hold you... i miss you!!!!" what a little sweetie right?!!!! he always says "mom i neeeeeeedddd ____ " insert whatever he wants at that moment. usually candy or toys.

my kids are having a breakdown without my attention right now so i am going to wrap it up. i love my boys. with the coming of a new baby in our family (i am NOT pregnant just to clarify) its got me thinking. i've already been wanting another baby since west is just growing too fast!!! but then i remind myself of the insanity of the newborn stage and how i barely made it through that i can wait but in the coming years i feel ready for a GIRL! i really wanted boys my whole life and was really happy that west was a boy so cohen could have a brother to pal around with and the transition financially was easier since i had everything "boy" already and the pregnancy totally caught us by surprise!!! a couple months back though i was laying in bed and just had this thought that if we had a girl next our family would be complete BUT if we had another boy we would try ONE more time and no matter what be done! marcel thought that sounded good to him too. (after i said this i thought "CRAP! of course Heavenly Father is going to have it be a boy again next so i'll have another one!!! :) i didn't realize it until this conversation that marcel really wants a girl too. i think it would be good for us to have a little girl too to soften things up a bit. i know Heavenly Father knows what is best for us so we will see!!!! i have an iud now so there won't be any more surprises but i am looking forward to the day when we'll experience the joy of a new baby again! for now i'll just snuggle with the ones i already have and am currently neglecting to finish this post.... so the end.


Hadlocks said...

West and Cohen are the best, we miss you guys a ton! We really need to talk soon!

Joe and Mariah Craig said...

We miss you guys!!!