Friday, March 4, 2011


My sweet widdle West-wee is 4 months old TODAY! craziness. at the beginning of his little life i thought he was going to be a handful and super hi-may...BUT actually he's the sweetest happiest little guy EVER! hi whole body stiffens with excitement when he smiles and giggles! i just can't get enough. when he is laying on his back he loves when we take both his arms and raise them up over his head and say WOO! he laughs like crazy.he already loves being up in the air over our heads too! gutsy little man. he gets so happy when i try to eat his fat neck too! ah i just love him!!! his has such happy eyes which remind me of marcel. marcel has happy eyes and i always tell him how much i love them! my dear sweet husband has been taking many pre season selling trips later... its been sucky. we miss him A LOT! when he is home and even attempts to walk out the door cohen runs to it crying and saying "daddy wait. no doe! i mits you!" melts your heart right? this last week marcel had plans to leave on monday after being home for only a day but we guilted... um i mean convinced him to stay :) we had a fun week just enjoying our boys and even squeezed in a date night to Tucano's! mmmmm. we had a family movie night and watched Megamind which everyone needs to see if you can even find it in Redbox! we searched all over orem/provo trying to find it!!! after our 6th attempt we found it!

time for a milestone update...
west is sorta rolling over from his tummy to his back. he's a chunk give him a break. i love it. those cheeks and scrumptious thighs!!!! we def make some chubby wubby babies marcel and i... about 2 weeks ago west went in to get this bubble thing checked out on his eye...still not sure what it is. while we were there they weighed and measured him. 3.5 months he is 16.6 LB's (YIKES!) and 25.5 inches (i think) he grew like 3 inches in a little over a month. he really is growing like a weed! he is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes! in the last couple of weeks he has started grabbing at his toys and holding his hands! he's a little sweetheart and we are loving having him around! can't imagine life without him! Heavenly Father really knows what is best for us!!!

onto toe-ee bub!
he is quite a handful these days. we are in the heart of the "terrific" two's! sometimes he does some pretty naughty things and i have to do everything in my power to not let him see me laugh. sometimes i just don't know where he come up with this stuff! the other day he had his friend Ari over and i think his mom was having a stern talk with him and cohen comes up and grabs his cheeks and while looking him in the eyes very firmly but quietly says "shut...up" pretty sure he got that from me in a moment of frustration. oops! overall he is still our sweet little toe-ee. he loves attention and gets super excited when other people or kids are around. he almost can't contain himself.

well i'm going to wrap this up because i can hear cohen in the bathroom getting into the "potty training" treats!!!

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Curtiss & Ginger said...

You are such a cute Mom!! You need to teach me how to be amazing like you! :) I need to come visit you soon!