Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{my sweet life}

4 months 12 days! that's how old my sweet West-wee is!!! my happy little guy is officially 17.1 lbs (81st percentile) and 26.4 inches (88th percentile). i know he looks chubby but he really is just a big kid all around! i can't believe how happy he is! his smile lights up my life!!!! his little giggles too! i can't get through the day without feeling so incredibly blessed in my life.
i recently taught a lesson about eternal families to my young women (my last lesson i might add) in the process of preparing i learned so much! which i have throughout my entire time in young womens. marcel and i have had a hard time fitting in in this ward and have never really felt part of it. we hardly know anyone and no one really attempts to get to know us. kinda sad, but i feel having my calling helped a little bit as far as helping me understand my purpose in being in this ward. anyway, back to what i was saying. in preparing this lesson i learned a lot about what is necessary for us to accomplish in this life in order to able to reach our highest potential in the next. some of which i didn't know. it put a lot into perspective. i realized i am NOT celestial material at this very moment and in order for me to be with my husband and babies forever.... i need to be! it made me recognize i need to step it up. be a little (or a lot!) better, honest, more vigilant with my tithing, kinder and much less set upon the things of this world. the last is probably my biggest struggle. i like to shop and have nice things around me. i'm not a big spender and am always on a budget so i usually bargain shop and look for sales, but nonetheless, it's still stuff... stuff that won't get me where i more than anything want to be, with my Father in Heaven and my family. i know its something that i can't really measure as far as my progress but will be more of a change of heart. it will take time, prayer, faith and discipline but i hope to get to a much better place. like i was when i first joined the church. so willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for what i believed. that's what this life is all about right? being tested and growing through those experiences.... anyway, i didn't intend for this post to become what it just did. but i'm glad i shared it.


pat,lyll,jadyn,maddux,bodey said...

i like to read your blog. its hard not to struggle with that. :)wish i could see you guys again sometime.

Curtiss & Ginger said...

Such cute boys you have! :) I love your honesty, you are amazing! :)