Friday, March 11, 2011

ABC's & Santa Twaus

I need to remember the cute things cohen is doing lately! just now as we were doing our bedtime routine of stories, songs and prayer, Cohen did what he normally does which is he asks to sing the ABC's...over and over. he even says "mom, yast time". i' quite impressed because tonight i'm pretty sure he said every letter of the alphabet! i think he smushed a couple together with the tune of the song but still!!!! then as we said prayer he actually took over and did it all on his own! he said something along the lines of "thank you for this day" then mumbled something "santa twaus tome home shoon... jesus tome home too" and then he paused awhile and said "done". i was so proud of him!!!! its funny how one day they wake up and seem so much smarter!!! i have been feeling guilty that i have to share time between both kids. i have been making more effort to hold west because he gets left out so much while he's playing on his activity mat. he is such a happy easy baby we almost forget he's there! he get so happy when he sees us (or himself in a mirror) i feel so incredibly blessed!!!! they make me so happy! happier than anything in this whole world. (well them and my husband) it took me some time to get back to church after west and i was feeling a little spiritually distant and this month i have put forth extra effort to draw nearer to Heavenly Father and I have felt such a difference. I'm so thankful that with the small steps we take he recognizes those efforts and definitely blesses us for it! anyway, i wanted this to be a quick post about little Toe-ee (who is beginning to call himself Tohen :( he is getting to close to saying it correctly!!! he is growing up and i love him and west so so very much!

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