Sunday, January 16, 2011

what's up with West-Co?!!

i love being able to say "my boys". i seem to be getting used to this whole 2 kid thing.
west is still a little high-may but he lets me put him down for longer periods now and
when he does start fussing its usually because he's tired. he's smiling and "talking" to us now.
he LOVEs his little friend that lights up on his activity mat. i'm pretty sure he gets more smiles than me!
marcel says his friend is a star but i think its a sun. he's a little fatty too. he had his 2 month check up last week and he is 13.58 pounds 23 inches and his head is well...big! he's in the 98th percentile big. it doesn't look big but apparently
it is. he has some pretty impressive eyelashes too. i thought mine and cohens were long but
West lucked out and got long, thick and dark lashes. his little eyes just light up when he smiles too. I can't get enough.
Cohen seems to be adjusting well. i haven't seen him act out in jealousy or anything. actually quite the opposite. the
other day marcel and i were in the kitchen and we saw cohen bouncing "baby buddy" in his chair and then he ran over to the couch and grabbed a blanket and proceeded to wipe brothers mouth! how cute is that!? he always asks to "ho him" too. meaning he wants to hold him. he'll come up and kiss him constantly too. i have such a sweet boy. i'm so wxcited to see them grow up together! co has been doing some cutie things too. lately he carries on conversations
with you even when we have NO idea what he's saying/ he even laughs in between. its hysterical! co loves it when i pretend to "chatel" tackle him with baby brother. he's also been calling us marcel and kristina and sometime babe. funny how thay pick that stuff up. he loves this weird show called "in the night garden" too. we had no idea how much he loved it until we put it on and he started naming off all the characters!
well, thats whats up around here.
OH! and we found out we're going to Louisville Kentucky for the summer! we leave beginning of april so lets get
lots of hangout time in before we leave freidns!

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