Sunday, January 2, 2011


i am so looking forward to this year. i feel like i grew up a lot in 2010 and am in a place now
with my husband where we can make a few of our dreams a reality.
looking back on 2010 i can see that heavenly father had other plans in store for us
than we did. i got pregnant with west at a trying time financially for us. we had a BIG decision to make whether we would do apx again or go with a different company. after SO MUCH prayer we got an answer and that was sales in alabama with apx. i had to leave behind my nanny job which was not an easy decision to make since i had such a great relationship with the family.
we knew it was where we needed to be though. we moved around a lot and i made some sacrifices of things that i enjoy so that we could save some money. definitely not something i normally do, but it felt amazing that i was able to do it. i gained a lot of confidence in myself and i grew so much through it. we got out of most of our debt other than our truck payment, but even that we cut in half. with another baby on the way, cutting down our expenses was essential. marcel worked so hard and saw success. he grew in his confidence and belief in himself and he is seeing his hard work payoff. cohen became a big brother and even though we got off to a rough start... things seem to be getting a little easier to manage.
we hope to continue being financially careful this year with two main goals in mind- purchasing our first home (eeeeeek!!!) and going on a vacation.
my personal goals this year are to keep making financial sacrifices now for our important family goals later.
lose the baby weight and get back into my favorite jeans!!!!
absorb every little moment with my family... my boys are growing soooo fast!
i need to be better about saying my prayers day & night along with reading my scriptures.

i am looking forward to this year and watching west grow like a weed his first year of life. i'm excited to see him reach milestones and to see his little personality. ( if its anything like his cry it will be anything but little!!!)
i'm excited to watch our little toey continue learning, exploring, and loving "baby buddy". i hope to also get him out of diapers!!!
i can't wait to celebrate 4 years of marriage to my lovely husband! we plan to actually celebrate this anniversary :) we have grown together so much this year and feel it's something that should be celebrated!

here's to another year!



kristina i love reading any new post you put up. theyre always uplifting and real, and in a lot of ways i totally relate! thanks for being a good example to me and my little fam :)

Curtiss & Ginger said...

I think you are one of the most darling moms in the world!! I love how much you just LOVE and ADORE your boys! I can just feel it through reading your blog. I want to see you soon!!!! Maybe one Sunday we can stop by your place to meet your lil man! xoxo