Friday, July 29, 2011

Westley Cole

i feel like i need a post just for my sweet west wee. i feel like i'm really getting to know him lately. i notice differences between him and cohen now. west is a very easy happy baby as was cohen. W lights up when he gets attention and will almost always welcome you with a toothless grin (still at 9 months no teeth!) he is a mama boy. i remember as a newborn he would calm when i would sing to him or hold him. i loved that. now when i come in the room and someone else is holding him he nearly jumps towards me!he is a very hands on baby. he likes to grab for everything... he is a lot of work to hold as well because he is very wiggly! he always puts things in his mouth and seems to really love toys... much more than cohen ever did. west likes that kind of stimulation which is interesting. he always sticks out his tongue too. its adorable! he LOVES food. he seems not as interested in baby food anymore. he wants the real thing. he'll still eat it but he lunges for food off my plate or anyone elses. he likes to pull himself up on things now but seems to not have very good balance. he has fallen and hit his head soooo many times. basically since he started rolling over and sitting up he's been hitting his head. so sad! i think he kinda milks it too. when he gets hurt i obviously comfort him but i think he lets his cry linger a little longer just for that reason. pretty cute right?!! he loves cohen too. he gets really happy to see him and squeals with delight at his big bro! cohen always covers west with pillows or blankets too and he just laughs hysterically. cohen is very possessive over his "baby buddy" lately he doesn't seem to want to share him. westwee is a fairly quiet baby too. he only has moments where he starts "talking" and making noises. his thing lately is to scrunch up his nose and breathe in and out through it! he loves it when i do it with him. well... thats all i can think of at the moment. we love our boys and i'm so in love with both of them i can't even describe it!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

i have a lot of summer to catch up on...

BUT instead i'm just going to post pictures for now. i have so much to tell you so check back later!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're in "tut tee"!!!

i can NOT believe how big toe ee is getting!

one day i just glanced over and saw west staring at cohen putting cheese on his crackers with the look of " i really wanna put that in my mouth!!!!!"

"palleeeease toe-ey?!!! just a little""

looks like he's going to swoop in on those crackers.

almost there...

mom... help me out here!

so here we are in "tut tee". thats how cohen says kentucky! but we aren't even there anymore... we're currently in indiana for the time being and who knows where we'll be next week... but i'll save that for another post! at this very moment as i'm typing cohen is making west laugh hysterically and it is my favorite thing EVER! they are what this post is about. i'm able to experience what i had hoped to when i got pregnant with west. i was so looking forward to seeing that friendship and fun that comes with having siblings!!!! i know it wont always be that way but i definitely appreciate the times when it is! sometimes if west is getting more attention than him cohen will act out and get crazy and aggressive... sometimes he just wants to be playful with west and doesn't realize that west can't tackle like him and daddy do! other times he just wants to be helpful and hold his bottle or give him toys. i think they're relationship is pretty typical. i am looking forward to a time soon to come when they will really play more together even though that will probably come with "mom, he hit me!" "moooommmmm he took my toy"... but i'll enjoy that too :)

i just heard laughter coming from cohen and looked over to find him throwing plastic forks at my brother in laws dog. aye. boys.

sooooo... lately i have been savoring every moment with these two little ones because more than ever i realize that they won't stay little for long!!!! especially west... i cannot believe he is 6 months already!!!!! i love love love this age! i love when i hear him making noises in his bed and when i peak my head in his little face lights up with his chunky cheek smile!!! he loves to grab his toes and gets so loud with his little voice. i've learned how easy kids are the first year now... because cohen is definitely more straining on my patience these days! i think he needs a shirt like his friend myles that says "this is my timeout shirt, i wear it all day long" ha! he really only acts up when he is tired but since we are currently living in hotels it is nearly impossible to get him to bed at a reasonable time and even harder to get him to nap unless we're in the car. so i have a very emotionally unstable 2 and a half year old! i'm really proud of him at the same time... he surprises me daily with how much he knows. he talks so well.... i think really well for his age. he also picks up things i didn't realize he was hearing... like "touch me babe" and "let me see you boobies"... i had a little chat with marcel after he said those!!!!!! oh man.
along with that he is recognizes numbers and can count to 10!!! although he always skips 5! ha!
he still calls jeeps and other vehicles that have tires on the back "beep beeps" which i love! he thinks they're steering wheels! he's getting better at the abc's and still asks me to sing it evvery night... he knows twinkle twinkle little star, you are my sunshine, i am a child of God, and the itsy bitsy spider songs too! randomy throughtout the day cohen will say i love you mom and gimme a tiss :) he is so loving and affectionate... at this moment he is yelling at me "MOM I NEED to hold you... i miss you!!!!" what a little sweetie right?!!!! he always says "mom i neeeeeeedddd ____ " insert whatever he wants at that moment. usually candy or toys.

my kids are having a breakdown without my attention right now so i am going to wrap it up. i love my boys. with the coming of a new baby in our family (i am NOT pregnant just to clarify) its got me thinking. i've already been wanting another baby since west is just growing too fast!!! but then i remind myself of the insanity of the newborn stage and how i barely made it through that i can wait but in the coming years i feel ready for a GIRL! i really wanted boys my whole life and was really happy that west was a boy so cohen could have a brother to pal around with and the transition financially was easier since i had everything "boy" already and the pregnancy totally caught us by surprise!!! a couple months back though i was laying in bed and just had this thought that if we had a girl next our family would be complete BUT if we had another boy we would try ONE more time and no matter what be done! marcel thought that sounded good to him too. (after i said this i thought "CRAP! of course Heavenly Father is going to have it be a boy again next so i'll have another one!!! :) i didn't realize it until this conversation that marcel really wants a girl too. i think it would be good for us to have a little girl too to soften things up a bit. i know Heavenly Father knows what is best for us so we will see!!!! i have an iud now so there won't be any more surprises but i am looking forward to the day when we'll experience the joy of a new baby again! for now i'll just snuggle with the ones i already have and am currently neglecting to finish this post.... so the end.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{my sweet life}

4 months 12 days! that's how old my sweet West-wee is!!! my happy little guy is officially 17.1 lbs (81st percentile) and 26.4 inches (88th percentile). i know he looks chubby but he really is just a big kid all around! i can't believe how happy he is! his smile lights up my life!!!! his little giggles too! i can't get through the day without feeling so incredibly blessed in my life.
i recently taught a lesson about eternal families to my young women (my last lesson i might add) in the process of preparing i learned so much! which i have throughout my entire time in young womens. marcel and i have had a hard time fitting in in this ward and have never really felt part of it. we hardly know anyone and no one really attempts to get to know us. kinda sad, but i feel having my calling helped a little bit as far as helping me understand my purpose in being in this ward. anyway, back to what i was saying. in preparing this lesson i learned a lot about what is necessary for us to accomplish in this life in order to able to reach our highest potential in the next. some of which i didn't know. it put a lot into perspective. i realized i am NOT celestial material at this very moment and in order for me to be with my husband and babies forever.... i need to be! it made me recognize i need to step it up. be a little (or a lot!) better, honest, more vigilant with my tithing, kinder and much less set upon the things of this world. the last is probably my biggest struggle. i like to shop and have nice things around me. i'm not a big spender and am always on a budget so i usually bargain shop and look for sales, but nonetheless, it's still stuff... stuff that won't get me where i more than anything want to be, with my Father in Heaven and my family. i know its something that i can't really measure as far as my progress but will be more of a change of heart. it will take time, prayer, faith and discipline but i hope to get to a much better place. like i was when i first joined the church. so willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for what i believed. that's what this life is all about right? being tested and growing through those experiences.... anyway, i didn't intend for this post to become what it just did. but i'm glad i shared it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

ABC's & Santa Twaus

I need to remember the cute things cohen is doing lately! just now as we were doing our bedtime routine of stories, songs and prayer, Cohen did what he normally does which is he asks to sing the ABC's...over and over. he even says "mom, yast time". i' quite impressed because tonight i'm pretty sure he said every letter of the alphabet! i think he smushed a couple together with the tune of the song but still!!!! then as we said prayer he actually took over and did it all on his own! he said something along the lines of "thank you for this day" then mumbled something "santa twaus tome home shoon... jesus tome home too" and then he paused awhile and said "done". i was so proud of him!!!! its funny how one day they wake up and seem so much smarter!!! i have been feeling guilty that i have to share time between both kids. i have been making more effort to hold west because he gets left out so much while he's playing on his activity mat. he is such a happy easy baby we almost forget he's there! he get so happy when he sees us (or himself in a mirror) i feel so incredibly blessed!!!! they make me so happy! happier than anything in this whole world. (well them and my husband) it took me some time to get back to church after west and i was feeling a little spiritually distant and this month i have put forth extra effort to draw nearer to Heavenly Father and I have felt such a difference. I'm so thankful that with the small steps we take he recognizes those efforts and definitely blesses us for it! anyway, i wanted this to be a quick post about little Toe-ee (who is beginning to call himself Tohen :( he is getting to close to saying it correctly!!! he is growing up and i love him and west so so very much!

just pics!

... in case you didn't notice the last 3 were a trick!!!! those are Cohen as a baby! He and west kinda look alike, huh?!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


My sweet widdle West-wee is 4 months old TODAY! craziness. at the beginning of his little life i thought he was going to be a handful and super hi-may...BUT actually he's the sweetest happiest little guy EVER! hi whole body stiffens with excitement when he smiles and giggles! i just can't get enough. when he is laying on his back he loves when we take both his arms and raise them up over his head and say WOO! he laughs like crazy.he already loves being up in the air over our heads too! gutsy little man. he gets so happy when i try to eat his fat neck too! ah i just love him!!! his has such happy eyes which remind me of marcel. marcel has happy eyes and i always tell him how much i love them! my dear sweet husband has been taking many pre season selling trips later... its been sucky. we miss him A LOT! when he is home and even attempts to walk out the door cohen runs to it crying and saying "daddy wait. no doe! i mits you!" melts your heart right? this last week marcel had plans to leave on monday after being home for only a day but we guilted... um i mean convinced him to stay :) we had a fun week just enjoying our boys and even squeezed in a date night to Tucano's! mmmmm. we had a family movie night and watched Megamind which everyone needs to see if you can even find it in Redbox! we searched all over orem/provo trying to find it!!! after our 6th attempt we found it!

time for a milestone update...
west is sorta rolling over from his tummy to his back. he's a chunk give him a break. i love it. those cheeks and scrumptious thighs!!!! we def make some chubby wubby babies marcel and i... about 2 weeks ago west went in to get this bubble thing checked out on his eye...still not sure what it is. while we were there they weighed and measured him. 3.5 months he is 16.6 LB's (YIKES!) and 25.5 inches (i think) he grew like 3 inches in a little over a month. he really is growing like a weed! he is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes! in the last couple of weeks he has started grabbing at his toys and holding his hands! he's a little sweetheart and we are loving having him around! can't imagine life without him! Heavenly Father really knows what is best for us!!!

onto toe-ee bub!
he is quite a handful these days. we are in the heart of the "terrific" two's! sometimes he does some pretty naughty things and i have to do everything in my power to not let him see me laugh. sometimes i just don't know where he come up with this stuff! the other day he had his friend Ari over and i think his mom was having a stern talk with him and cohen comes up and grabs his cheeks and while looking him in the eyes very firmly but quietly says "shut...up" pretty sure he got that from me in a moment of frustration. oops! overall he is still our sweet little toe-ee. he loves attention and gets super excited when other people or kids are around. he almost can't contain himself.

well i'm going to wrap this up because i can hear cohen in the bathroom getting into the "potty training" treats!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

what's up with West-Co?!!

i love being able to say "my boys". i seem to be getting used to this whole 2 kid thing.
west is still a little high-may but he lets me put him down for longer periods now and
when he does start fussing its usually because he's tired. he's smiling and "talking" to us now.
he LOVEs his little friend that lights up on his activity mat. i'm pretty sure he gets more smiles than me!
marcel says his friend is a star but i think its a sun. he's a little fatty too. he had his 2 month check up last week and he is 13.58 pounds 23 inches and his head is well...big! he's in the 98th percentile big. it doesn't look big but apparently
it is. he has some pretty impressive eyelashes too. i thought mine and cohens were long but
West lucked out and got long, thick and dark lashes. his little eyes just light up when he smiles too. I can't get enough.
Cohen seems to be adjusting well. i haven't seen him act out in jealousy or anything. actually quite the opposite. the
other day marcel and i were in the kitchen and we saw cohen bouncing "baby buddy" in his chair and then he ran over to the couch and grabbed a blanket and proceeded to wipe brothers mouth! how cute is that!? he always asks to "ho him" too. meaning he wants to hold him. he'll come up and kiss him constantly too. i have such a sweet boy. i'm so wxcited to see them grow up together! co has been doing some cutie things too. lately he carries on conversations
with you even when we have NO idea what he's saying/ he even laughs in between. its hysterical! co loves it when i pretend to "chatel" tackle him with baby brother. he's also been calling us marcel and kristina and sometime babe. funny how thay pick that stuff up. he loves this weird show called "in the night garden" too. we had no idea how much he loved it until we put it on and he started naming off all the characters!
well, thats whats up around here.
OH! and we found out we're going to Louisville Kentucky for the summer! we leave beginning of april so lets get
lots of hangout time in before we leave freidns!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


i am so looking forward to this year. i feel like i grew up a lot in 2010 and am in a place now
with my husband where we can make a few of our dreams a reality.
looking back on 2010 i can see that heavenly father had other plans in store for us
than we did. i got pregnant with west at a trying time financially for us. we had a BIG decision to make whether we would do apx again or go with a different company. after SO MUCH prayer we got an answer and that was sales in alabama with apx. i had to leave behind my nanny job which was not an easy decision to make since i had such a great relationship with the family.
we knew it was where we needed to be though. we moved around a lot and i made some sacrifices of things that i enjoy so that we could save some money. definitely not something i normally do, but it felt amazing that i was able to do it. i gained a lot of confidence in myself and i grew so much through it. we got out of most of our debt other than our truck payment, but even that we cut in half. with another baby on the way, cutting down our expenses was essential. marcel worked so hard and saw success. he grew in his confidence and belief in himself and he is seeing his hard work payoff. cohen became a big brother and even though we got off to a rough start... things seem to be getting a little easier to manage.
we hope to continue being financially careful this year with two main goals in mind- purchasing our first home (eeeeeek!!!) and going on a vacation.
my personal goals this year are to keep making financial sacrifices now for our important family goals later.
lose the baby weight and get back into my favorite jeans!!!!
absorb every little moment with my family... my boys are growing soooo fast!
i need to be better about saying my prayers day & night along with reading my scriptures.

i am looking forward to this year and watching west grow like a weed his first year of life. i'm excited to see him reach milestones and to see his little personality. ( if its anything like his cry it will be anything but little!!!)
i'm excited to watch our little toey continue learning, exploring, and loving "baby buddy". i hope to also get him out of diapers!!!
i can't wait to celebrate 4 years of marriage to my lovely husband! we plan to actually celebrate this anniversary :) we have grown together so much this year and feel it's something that should be celebrated!

here's to another year!