Tuesday, November 16, 2010

welcome to the world West!

i'm finally getting around to documenting West's arrival. in the end i decided to go through with the induction! the night before i called the hospital and they told me i should get a call between 5 and 10 am letting me know if i was scheduled that day. 10 am rolled around and i still hadn't heard from them so i called and they said they didn't have a room for me but they were pretty sure i'd still be able to get induced that day. in he meantime marcel had snuck away and came home with a cool little video camera so we could document the day! about an hour later i get a call saying to get there as quickly as i could! we hurried and gathered our things and excitedly headed for the hospital. my mom was here so she took Cohen to my aunt and uncles house and then met us there. it was kind of strange to be heading to the hospital planning to leave with a baby! on the way there marcel reminded me we hadn't picked a middle name yet! we threw around a couple names and then marcel suggested Cole! i loved it immediately and it wasn't even one of our options this whole time! we got settled in the delivery room and around 1230 pm they began the pitocin! it took some time for the contractions to begin and when they did they were completely manageable which i didn't expect. from what i heard being induced brought on contractions hard and fast from the very beginning but these were more mild than when i had cohen! marcels cousin Paola came shortly after to take pictures and document the whole experience for us! i was a 3 when we came in and after an hour or two i hadn't progressed much. my dr. said my labor would most likely be quicker since it was my 2nd and i was being induced... or so she thought! after a few hours i finally got to a 4... at this point i was worried i wouldn't progress and end up needing a c- section. they bumped up the pitocin and the nurse offered the epidural... after a little longer i decided i should just get it even though my contractions were still completely manageable. i told her i wanted it and then she said the anesthesiologist was in surgery and wouldn't make it for another hour... no biggie. until a few mintues later when i got really uncomfortable. by the time he came my contractions didn't seem so bad but i didn't want to send him away and then end up regretting it. OH MY! i do not remember it being so bad getting the epidural with cohen! it was the same anesthesiologist too. i think my contractions were so much harder with cohen that i barely noticed the epidual but this time since i wasn't really in pain yet it was so weird!!!! all the poping and cold sensations down my back! afterward i was feeling really good though. at this point we just hung out and chatted they checked me frequently and i was progressing very slowly. they broke my water which didn't really seem to speed things up. it was getting dark by the time they told me i was a 6 where i stayed for quite a while. over time west began to show signs of distress. i was also feeling pain in my cervix really bad even with the epidural. they turned off the pitocin and then checked me a little bit later and i had diated to 9 all on my own! then they began the pitocin again because my contractions had died down. we were beginning to think west wanted a november 5th birthday!! finally a little after 11pm it was time to push! i got a little scared at this point. Marcel was so encouraging and reminded me that everything would be okay. we ended us saying a quick prayer together and then i started pushing! they had turned off the epidural at this point in hopes that it would wear off a bit because i could not feel a thing! every time they had me push i was getting so discouraged because i had no idea if i was doing it right! my dr. kept telling me i was doing great but for some reason after every set of pushes i would nearly cry and say "i can't do this!" they brought out the mirror which seriously changed everything. with every push i could see that little head and all that dark hair more and more. it really helped me get through it... what felt like hours of pushing ended up being 23 minutes!!!! i can't believe it went that fast! when they laid him in my arms the tears just came flowing. i was beyond happy to have him here and healthy. that was the greatest feeling in the world. with cohen he was rushed off so quickly i barely had that time to bond with him immediately. with west i was able to hold him and nurse him and it was amazing. west was born with a lot of swelling in his head because he came out with his face kind of diagonal which is what was causing me so much cervical pain and which they warned us could lead to jaundice because his body would not be able to flush it out fast enough. we had hoped to leave after the one day in the hospital but then that saturday west needed to be on the uv lights so we stuck around that 2nd day. when cohen came to the hospital for the first time he walked in and looked at me and looked around trying to figure out what was going on. he sat there for awhile not saying anything and you could see his little brain was processing the changes that had occured. when we asked him where baby brother was instead of pointing to my belly he pointed to the baby!!!! i had no idea he actually knew what was going on! little smarty. at one point they took the baby out and when cohen came he was looking everywhere for him and saying "baby doe?" with his hands out asking a question. he even looked behind my pillow! when they brought west back cohen just lit up with excitement! thankfully that happiness is still there. he loves his brother and is so sweet to him. he even shared rawr with him today!!! brother is always smothered with lots of little "toe-ee tisses" :) my mom was here for the first week and i'm so thankful she was. marcel had to go back to work and i have been extremely hormonal and emotional. i am so up and down and feel kind of down a lot of times. it seems to be hitting me harder this time. i'm obviously really tired which is to be expected. west is actually a really good sleeper though. i can get 2-3 hour stretches from him and an occasional 4!! that never happened with cohen for atleast 2 months! but still, having cohen limits the amount of day time sleep i get so the nights are really hard to get through! west loved to nurse from the very beginning but he was sucking very shallowly and i ended up getting scabs. i met with a lactation consultant who pointed out that he sucks in his top lip and i would need to work on that with him. i attempted to but it was too difficult and it was getting very frustrating and painful!!! since then i have been exclusively pumping. it's time consuming but worth it because i know west is getting the benefit of the breastmilk. my goal is to keep it up for atleast 3 months so we will see how that goes! anyway... that's what's going on in our lives up to this point! we'll keep you posted. thanks for all of your sweet comments! we love you all!

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Wow! What a story! I am glad you are doing great!