Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i got a phone call tonight saying i would get another phone call after 5 am letting me know whether or not the have room for me to be induced... i got pretty emotional today just thinking of how life will change yet again. i will have one more little person dependent on me. i prayed that i would be able to balance it all and still give my husband the love and attention that he most definitely deserves. i get caught up with the cooking cleaning and taking care of kids stuff that sometimes i forget how to wind down and give me hubs a little love. i prayed so whole heartedly that i would be able to do that for him. i'm not good at "letting things go" especially a clean house but its something i feel is going to have to be put a little lower on the priority list once brother comes. the people in my life need much more attention than my home at the moment.

i'm getting a little nervous at the thought of everything that will happen tomorrow (or that will hopefully happen tomorrow) i should say. thankfully my mom is on her way here now and i'll have my husband by my side. that comforts me so much just thinking about. i can't wait to hold and kiss my sweet son so fresh from Heavenly Fathers presence. I am so thankful to be a mom, not once, but almost twice! my family is my joy. i'm not sure i'll be as good at blogging after brother comes but it has definitely helped get through these long days of waiting!!!! i'll try to keep you posted!

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emily marie said...

What a precious memory! I love how you documented this, these photos are amazing! And he is precious! Congrats!