Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i'm going to attempt a quick blog update while cohen is distracted by cartoons. we'll see how long that lasts!

the other night i started feeling this terrible burning/stinging pain under my ribs. the skin is very tender to the touch there as well. every time baby would move or kick in that area it made me jump in pain. in the middle of the night i woke up from the pain and was crying in excruciating pain. i didn't know what to do so i called the dr. and she told me to go to labor /delivery to get evaluated. i hesitated and thought i'd try to sleep it off. the next morning i felt i should go in since it as a bit more convenient than the middle of the night. we were there 3 hours while they ran blood tests and monitored me and the baby. they thought it may be preeclampsia because of where the pain was but it turned out it wasn't. at the end of it all they told me it most likely is stretching, which isn't normally that painful. i knew it wasn't normal myself but it made sense that it was stretching since i'm normally pretty narrow in my abdomen so i figured being this big would cause quite a bit of stretching. i haven't had as painful an episode as that since then but it is still very tender. the nurses encouraged me to go through with the induction on thursday which was comforting because i have been going back and forth with it. i've been weighing the pros and cons. come to think of it i feel like i should be more prayerful about it. i don't want to feel like i am taking control away from Heavenly Father and his timing. those are not my intentions. i don't want to force baby here if he is not ready either. i want to do it for a few reasons... my mom can only take a few days off from work to be here for the delivery and she missed cohen's delivery last time. it was really hard for her to miss it especially since it wasn't her fault. she even told me recently that she has never been present for a real delivery other than her own kids and i want her to be apart of this special day. that's my biggest motivation. also being group b strep positive and being an hour away from the hospital and most recently this rib pain. all those combined with the assurance from my dr baby is ready are what make me feel like its ok. i will be missing out on the "oh my gosh! i'm in labor, panic/excitement feeling but i'd rather be more prepared this time with cohen and all my other needs for being prepared. i'm not sure how it will all work out or if i'll end up going through with it but i wont if i don't have that peace.

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camilla hallows said...

So excited for you and your new baby coming so soon!
I had sharp rib pain when I was pregnant with Lucy and went to labor and delivery. I was diagnosed with a "strained rib" and my doctor said it was pretty common in second pregnancies and bc I held Sofie a lot. There wasnt anything they could do about it and it wasn't harmful to the baby. :) The pain kind of came and went for me too depending on what I did. I hope everything goes well for you in the next couple days! You're in our prayers! :)