Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Toe-ee turns 2!!!

Toe-ee is how Cohen says his name. we love it. so much that we find ourselves calling him that as well. so little Toe-ee celebrated his 2nd birthday August 25 2010! we flew into california on the 24th (to try and avoid having to buy a seat for him) boy, was that miserable. i didn't consider the lack of lap space with my 8 month pregnant belly when i booked the 5 hour flight. we made it though! he loved it of course and couldn't get enough of the planes. my mom and brother were there to pick us up. that was the best. i love seeing my moms sweet face and feeling her warm embrace. i've missed her too much. the next day cohen awoke to a traditional grandma sally birthday message on the mirror and tons of balloons! then we took him to the brackett airfield for his official birthday and then celebrated that night with cake and presents! my mom spoiled him... i'm thankful she did because my suitcase was too full to fit any gifts and had zero time to do shopping other than a few adorable books i had for him. this kid definitely got his "tommy" thomas the train fix. backpacks, movie, lunch box, train set... he loved it all! i had hoped to throw a little "planes and trains" party for him... i had so many cute ideas, but marcel was already really bummed he had to stay behind to work AND not be with cohen on his birthday so i didn't want to make him feel even more left out. oh! and the sweetest thing... later that week my sisters boyfriend matt invited our family over for dinner and after we ate he surprised cohen with another cake and even got him a dodgers baseball cap! i mentioned it months before that i wanted to get him one so it was so thoughtful! i was even able to squeeze in a few visits with dear friends! we spent some time with my bff nickle-pickle and little "juicy" (lucy) as cohen calls her and went to the beach with payce and gwen! we had a great trip but after 2 weeks i was really eager to get home and get situated for baby to come! did i mention less than 35 days until my due date?? ca-razy! more to come on that in my next post!

grrr... i can't upload any pics. so annoying.... i guess my next post will be all pictures!

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