Wednesday, October 20, 2010

full term!

it's official! baby brother can come any day now! i have noticed the last couple of days i am having an increase in braxton hicks contractions. they are pretty strong to the point where i have to stop what i'm doing and change positions, especially while sleeping. i have also had some discomfort in my lower stomach and lower back as well as these random cramps in my calves! i've woken up screaming in pain from them a few times and marcel will quickly roll over and massage it for me... such a good guy. it's pretty exciting to feel my body preparing for this little guys arrival. just yesterday i was telling mr. leao that i've gotten so used to being pregnant that i forget that it will end and i will have a little baby! now and then i think of cohen and how this is really going to chang his little world... i'm sure it will be somewhat traumatic but i hope to make it a smooth transition with some extra effort to involve him. i know in time it will be the best thing for him. he will learn things i don't think he could learn any other way than by having a sibling to share his life with.

Cohen is such a sweetie these days. we underestimate how smart he is and he is always surprising us with how smart he is! he is talking so much. our favorite words he says lately are "fup" for football (which he is beginning to say correctly now :( "wa dish!" for watch this (this is marcels personal fav) "ya you!!" "jee-us" for Jesus and i know there's more but i can' think of them right now. i have been meaning to cit cohen down to do a little "interview" so i can get it all on video. his little voice is so precious. hopefully i will get around to that today!

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PAUL + ALICIA said...

Hang in there! the last few weeks are the hardest! I am so excited for you!