Thursday, October 28, 2010


that sure does sound like a lot of weeks to be pregnant. these last few have been the absolute longest! funny how i'm so eager for sleep deprivation and high possibility of hormonal induced mood swings... all because i want my baby here!!!! i never completely related with other friends of mine who had to wait and wait and wait for their babies to come.... until now! and he's not even due yet!!! go figure. i think having cohen nearly 3 weeks early set me up for disappointment this time around. my dr. warned me this may happen. 37 weeks came around and i expected little man to come just like cohen... but then 37 weeks left and here i am still large and in charge with baby in tow. i was dilated to a 2+ and 60% effaced at my last visit and i have another tomorrow. even though those numbers are NO indication of hether he's coming soon or not. boo! the last few days sleep is impossible. i'd rather lose sleep to feed my baby in the middle of the night, not to pee and change positions constantly. marcel and i just last night ,as we looked at the empty pack n play set up in our room, talked about how cohen is constantly going to be peeking in once the baby is there and saying "ho him" or "shhh baby seeping". we're so excited to see cohen be a BIG brother! i have to mention the cutest thing in the world! the other night mr leao went to spend some guy time with his brothers... immediately after we dropped him off he wished he hadn't left me. he texted me frequently throughout the night and immediately after he walked in the door he started packing HIS hospital bag! he was even plotting different routes to the hospital because of all the construction on the freeway these days! every day since then he has been so eager to "induce" me :) he even gave me permission to go shopping!!!!! its the best feeling in the world to share this excitement with my husband. it makes me so happy to see him so excited!!! who knew we'd feel this way again even though we've been through it once before! maybe its even more exciting because we know what to look forward too. AHHH! i can't wait. every single day and every ache and pain i wonder to myself if this is it!!! i'm scheduled to have an elective induction on thursday.... hoping he comes sooner though. i was told i am group b strep positive. very casually at that. when i came home and did some research of my own i found out that its actually very risky to the baby during delivery! it will require atleast 4 hours of antibiotic treatment when i go into labor, which makes me think that having a planned induction may bring me extra peace knowing i will definitely have the full course of treatment before the baby comes lessening the risk to him. i was hoping for a little smoother delivery this time around but i'm not sure there is such a thing as a hiccup free delivery... or atleast its just rare. as long as he gets here healthy and stays healthy i will be one happy mama!!!! the sooner the better though :)

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