Wednesday, October 6, 2010

35 weeks and counting...

i can't say this pregnancy has "flown by" like i've heard other girls say about their 2nd pregnancies. i have eagerly been counting the days just as i did with cohen. i'm not quite as obssessed with the babies development like i was with toe-ee but equally excited i think. my mind wonders what he'll look like... similar to cohen or completely different... light or dark... hair or no hair... we'll love him any way! i can't wait to see how cohen is going to interact with baby brother. i have a good feeling but what do i know. it could turn ugly once he gets here, but i hope not. i do think of cohen and how he has no idea that his little world is about to change entirely. i know it will be goof for him to learn to share mom and dad's love and attention but i know it is going to be an emotional ride for me AND him.
i'm surprised how strong brothers movements are. i watch my tummy just go lop-sided and see/feel little body parts poking out. its amazing. very different than with cohen, not sure why, but i think it may be that i gained less this time around. i will say this pregnancy has been harder physically. my ribs and back have been unbearable. sleep has been nearly impossible since about 30 weeks. sometimes i cry out of frustration that i am so tired and don't have many opportunities to sleep and when i have the chance to i can't because i am so uncomfrtable. there's no telling if this little guy will come early or late because cohen didn't come under the most "normal" circumstances. my dr. says that i most likely went into labor with him at 37 weeks due to an infection in my placenta. so who knows. i'm ready for him though! i feel much more prepared for him than i did with cohen which is a nice feeling. i'm not ready for the sleep deprivation but hopefully this time around nursing will work out. i'm very determined. i just pray that brother is doing ok in there and and that he will come out healthy and strong. thats my greatest desire. cohens delivery was a scary thing so i hope to experience something a little more "by the book"... i'm sure its normal but i think about that a lot and will probably worry until the day he is here. even then what mom ever stops worrying about their babies. any-way... i'm blabbing. 35 days to go! (give or take obviously) next dr. visit she will "check" me... fun.

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