Tuesday, July 20, 2010

yes or no?

i am dying for a change. i have been attempting to let my hair grow this pregnancy, but i'm over it! maybe it's because i am gaining weight but i feel like long hair is not flattering on me. i have a fairly round face so i feel like anything around the shoulder length just emphasizes the "roundness". i am so torn about whether or not i stick it out and let it keep growing in hopes that as it gets longer it will be more flattering (and maybe this is just the awkward length you always hear people talk about) or just chop it. To add to my indecisiveness, i need to decide if i should go dark again or stay blonde. i get mixed feelings from other people about it. my aunt who does my hair says go dark.. that it is more "stunning" and makes my features pop and marcel says either color but he LOVES when i have a shorter a-line cut. hmmmm. i found pictures of the haircuts and color i'm considering... atleast i have 5 weeks before i can do anything about it anyway....what to do?!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Do you know how to curl your hair with a flat iron? I think this is a great style while you are in that awkward, in between, unflattering, shoulder length stage! If I were you I would not cut it. If you are anything like me, you love the change at first and then you wish you never cut it and spend the next year growing it back to awkward stage and then cut it again. It's a vicious cycle for me.