Friday, July 16, 2010


i love this face.

most of the APX wives this summer!
Me, Michelle, Victoria, and Ash are all pregnant and weeks
apart from one another. There's also Jessica and Kacee who are also pregnant but not pictured here!


Chuck E Cheese! look at that little fat face.

such a big boy!!!!

tan little man on 4th of july!

fireworks with dad!

cohen and baby sawyer!

bedtime stories with dad and rawr.

Destin Beach Florida

where to begin...
my sister in law Mal came to visit at the end of june with our nephew Sawyer! We can't get over how cute that little boy is... marcel and I both agree that he reminded us how much we love having a baby around and it made us both even more excited for the baby to come! While Mal was here we went to Destin Beach in Florida, which was already getting small tar balls from the oil. Such a shame because the water is so blue and pretty. We also celebrated the 4th of July with a BBQ and then we all went to Battleship park to see fireworks. The little ones loved it! Then we came back to our apt and did our own! Marcel was so excited to do fireworks with Cohen that we had to get them the night before and then first thing in the morning he runs outside with him to try some out! It was a really fun day!

In the last few weeks Cohen also made a new friend named Mason. They play so well together (most of the time)

I've been busily working on baby projects too! I've made a cute swaddle blanket and 2 applique onesies so far! I just want to make a carseat cover before the summer ends!

I've spent this summer experimenting with some new recipes also which has been delicious! I make a weekly menu which also helps keep our food costs in check!

I really need to keep up with my blog better because i am having the hardest time remembering everything we've been up to!!

Friday we celebrated Lydias 2nd birthday! She and Cohen are so close in age. Whenever COhen sees their truck in the parking lot he screams "yi ya"!!! its so cute. he loves her... but when they get together it seems like they always fight over toys... Lydia is a tough girl though and sticks up for herself! Anyway, for her day we went to Pump It Up which is like Jump on It evidentally. The kids had a blast (and of course so did the big boys!!!) I went on the slide with Cohen once, but then just stuck to taking pictures of everyone else. It was so hard to get around on those things with my ever expanding belly! i would get so winded!

I can't believe I am a few days shy of 6 months! i can't wait to get home and get everything ready for our little guy! only 6 weeks left! Baby is still moving and shaking in my tummy often. much more than cohen ever did!

Cohen loves to sing along with me at bedtime now... he loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (he does the diamond with his hands too) and Itsy Bitsy Spider! He also likes to sing the ABC's and count to 5! He doesn't get them in order yet but he's getting the hang of it.

When we got home from Lydia's party I decided to go grocery shopping before Marcel had to leave for work... about a half hour later i get a call from marcel saying "You aren't going to believe what our son just did!" evidentally cohen was just playing with his toys in the living room with daddy, when he gets up and slowly walks to his room. marcel hears him in there playing with rawr when a few minutes later it gets quiet. when he goes to check on him, he finds that he got rawr and his blankie, tucked himself in and was totally out! that is the first time he's ever done that! we can't believe our big boy is growing up! i love my little family so much. i love being a mom and wife. as monotonous as my days can be and as uneventful as it sometimes is i wouldn't want it any other way. i married such a good man and i'm so lucky that i have the life i do. i can't take my eyes off my little boy. i am just so proud to be his mom. sorry for getting so emotional at times on here, but its times like these i need to express my gratitude for my life, because i do have days that i take it for granted and its always a good reminder for me of what is really important. sooo.... hope you are all happy and well!


Tayli+Evan+Nixon=love said...

Cohan is getting so big! I can't wait to see you guys again! love you

Anonymous said...

Cohen is so gorgeous! I love his hair and his eyes are amazing!