Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Bu-dder!!!!

Marcel and I are so thrilled to be having another little man in the house. I had a feeling we'd have a girl this time around so I was pretty shocked when they said otherwise. I was really hoping for a boy for a few reasons. It's nice to know I have all the clothes, bedding etc. that i'll need so i can invest in other things I'll need that are a little pricey like a double stroller. I've always like the idea of being a mom to all boys. Don't know why. I just see myself as the minivan mom going to all the sporting events. If we have a girl at some point i think she'll have to be a tom boy like i was. Anyway, there are 6 pregnant wives in our office this year and we are all just weeks apart from eachother! One of the wives michelle and I decided we'd go get the ultrasounds together and surprise our husbands later. we had this whole idea that we would have them write it down and i'd give mine to michelle and vice versa and we'd bake a cake in either pink or blue with white frosting and then we wouldn't find out until we cut the cake what we were having! once we got to the ultrasound school we realized it was a classroom of people and they all wanted to know the gender so we just scratched that idea. After I found out what I was having I called Marcel and told him to put the phone to Cohens ear and I would tell him first. So I said "Cohen, you're getting a baby brother!!!" and he GASPS and says "bu-dder!!!" it was so freakin cute!!!!! I could not have asked for a better reaction. When marcel heard that he grabbed the phone and said"did you hear that? he even gasped before he said it!" cohen had never said brother before so we were so surprised and loved it. when i heard cohen say that it just made me think that these little boys are going to best buds and i'm so excited to how their relationship develops over the years. I love the relationship marcel has with his brothers so i'm glad cohen will have the opportunity to have that as well. it is also a testiment to me of the pre-existence. these little boys knew eachother and us before they came to us physically and i am so grateful for that.
This pregancy has been going by quite fast. At 17 weeks I started feeling the baby move and by 18 weeks I could feel it on the outside! It was 22 weeks when I first felt cohen! I love it though. I lay in bed mornign and night just feeling him dance around in there. i love it! we are still so torn on names. i have some in mind but i'm not sure marcel loves them so we'll see.

I have to share something funny that happened today. Cohen was running down the hallway and tripped and fell and as he did i hear him say "shoop!!!" (meaning shoot) i died laughing. he is a funny kid. marcel and i can't get enough of his little personality. he loves his uncle "dah-ee" (jadi) too. He comes over for dinner most nights and cohen gets equally excited to see jadi come in the door as he does to see marcel! and he also gets equally as sad when he leaves :( its so sweet how much love this kid has to give. he is so affectioante and sweet along with being incredibly funny and energetic. i'm obviuosly emotional somedays with all the pregnancy hormones and so somedays i cry over the silliest things. whe cohen sees theis he immediately climbs on me and gives me hugs and kisses or just sits on my lap just to be with me. its incredible how aware he is of how to react and comfort in those times. of course when he does this i immediately cheer up :) he's talking up a storm and can pretty much repeat anything we say. he still adores rawr and tickles from rawrs tail before he sleeps. he always says his prayers ( so adorable!) marcel and i just watch him sometimes and can't believe how smart he is for his age but he will be 2 in two months!!!! i can't believe my big boy. i am such a proud mama.

sorry no pictures...our laptop crashed so we'll have to wait until we get home from the summer to upload pics!


Hadlocks said...

I thought it would for sure be a girl, but when you said boy I thought it seemed perfect! Your boys are going to be so cute together!c

Keeping Up With the Jones said...

Congratulations! Being a mom to all boys is THE BEST!! So happy for you.

Bri said...

Yay! Congrats on another little boy! I'm sure he'll be just as cute as Cohen!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

congrats! That will be so fun! They will be little buddies