Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet home Alabama...

well, home for the summer! can i just say it is beautiful here! we are still in hotels for the time being...probably another 2-3 weeks. its not so bad though. i can see the ocean from our window!!! its breathtaking. we are in a town called Daphne and there is about a 7 mile long bridge we crossed to get here from Mobile. i have to say i'm deathly afraid of large bodies of water. especially driving over them when you can't see land ahead or behind you! i finally braved the drive back over the bridge to check out the city the other day. we went to a mall ther that had a massive Forever 21. i'm making every atempt possible to feel somewhat attractive at this point in my pregnancy so i can't resist getting something new now and then to up my confidence. even though i still weigh much less then with cohen it is still not easy gaining weight. i dont think anyone enjoys it really. i'm reminded yet again with this pregnancy how lucky i am to have an adoring husband. he STILL thinks i'm super hot and tells me every single day. i really scored when i married him. i love waking up in the morning and feeling my cantaloupe sized ball in my belly. i forgot how cool it was to see the changed occur in what seems like overnight!!! a Yesterday Cohen and I went to an outdoor mall and where the have the water fountains that shoot up from the ground. its actually a little park where parents being their kids with their swinsuits and toys and they have a ball. Cohen LOVED it! i could barely get him to sit still for a picture because he was running all over the place. it is the greatest feeling in the world to see my smiley happy boy enjoying his young little life. he is the greatest joy in my world. he makes me so happy every single day. marcel and i really do enjoy him more than anything in this life. he's such a little smarty. he's learned to say "come" and he'll do the hand motion for you to follow him or he'll get behind me and push my legs in the direction he wants me to go. he always says "all done" when we finish readin a book. last night we went to a nearby donut shop and i asked cohen which one do you want? and he pointed to the same sprinkle donut 3 times in a row so i knew that was the one! then this morning as we ate them for breakfast in bed cohen took a few bites and then took a drink of milk and said "num!!!!" it was so cute. he always asks for my keys and tries to open everything with them. he loves to snack on cheese sticks and whole tomatoes. not even kidding. he picks them out of my salads and sandwiches. atleast their good for him! he likes all sorts of fruit too.
i'm really excited about some upcoming things too. i spent quite some time yesterday calling around to ob's just to get information and find what dr. i would see while i'm here and i decided to give a lay midwife here in the area a call. i've been trying to decide what route i want to take with this pregnancy as far as the delivery goes. i want to go au natural, but i know i will need to prepare and educate myself much better than i did with cohen and would most likely want to have a midwife who would be there for me throughout my entire labor. i had been meeting with a group of midwives in utah and also my normal ob who i had with cohen. after talking to the midwife on the phone yesterday i just got so excited. i have such a desire to learn more about homeopathic and natural ways to deal with things rather than just going to dr's and medicine. while talking to he she explained that i s all she does. she blocks out an hour of time for my visit and along with checking vitals and weight she spends most of the time edicating me on nutrition and anything that is going on with my pregnancy. i really like that. i was always dissapointed at the short amount of time i got with my dr. at each visit. i just think she is exactly what i'm looking for so hopefully my pregnancy is complication free so i can continue to see her and avoid all those expensive dr's!!!

(i have lots of pictures but our camera cord is packed away somewhere and i am too lazy to look for it soooo.... maybe tomorrow :)

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Orange Juice said...

Hooray to find such a rad midwife! Do share the info she teaches you.
we love n miss you. cannot wait for pics.