Thursday, May 27, 2010


sorry these are so out of order but i really don't have time to rearrange them!
this is Cohen on the drive to our apt's in MOBILE FINALLY!!!
he says "fry" now. he loves them.
in hotel #2 in Daphne AL. Cohen does this funny move lately!!! we can't get enough.

cohen and dad doing it together!

Hotel #1 Hattiesburg MS. He spent hours just playing with his truvks and choo choo's right here!

getting ready to go out for dinner!

you like our laundry all over the bed? i'm pretty sure i asked marcel to fold it :)

seriously, can you see the resemblance?!!!

the next few are from EASTER in CA!!!
Marcel as the easter bunny :)
flying kites at the park!

my bro pushing co in the toy stroller!

if he wasn't outside he was here screaming "SIDE" !!!! just waiting for someone to take hin out!

playing in the water while dad washed te car!

"say cheese cohen!" ha ha

cute little people

in our apt's!!! cohen decided to share some gum with dad while he was still asleep :)

we live soooo close to the beach! and honestly its better than Florida beaches! who knew?!!!
we had to get there before the oil did :(
can you see my 4 month pregnant belly? i popped quick with this one!

after the beach we stopped at a fun park with go carts and rides for kids!
cohen loved the carousel!

he even rode the choo choo all by himself! i didn't know how he'd do but he did great!

hi mom & dad!

not so sure at first :)

this track was insanely cool. marcel jadi mike and kiffen had a blast!
cohen an i just watched and he got so excited everytime he saw daddy come around!

jadi and marcel buried cohen in sand

my hot mr. leao

cutie bub playing in the sandcohen spotted daddy out in the water!

i don't think he can hear you bud!

my little football star!


pat,lyll,jadyn,maddux,bodey said...

ahh precious

Hadlocks said...

You guys... these pictures are going to make me cry! I loved them all. I didn't even recognize Cohen in a few of the pictures, where did that blond hair come from?? It is so cute. We miss you guys a ton!

Jordan and Rachel said...

looks like alabama has lots of fun stuff to do. I cant wait to join you guys. your baby bump is so stinkin cute!

Jillian said...

So cute!