Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's intuition? we'll see!

when i was pregnant with Cohen, come to think of it, even before i was pregnant with him, i had pretty detailed dreams about him. one in particular was of him standing up in his crib looking at me with his big blue eyes... when we found out he was a boy i remember feeling so excited when i thought back to this dream. as he grew up one of the most distinct things about him were his big eyes which was even sweeter to me. i truly dreamt of my little boy.

this time around i hadn't had any dreams until just recently. it was quite an odd dream. on a side note, when i had my ultrasound down at 10 weeks my dr. told me the baby was moving around so much already, which was very different than cohen. cohen was very calm and really never kicked much. he mostly rolled around in my tummy. its obviously to early to tell how active this baby will be but it will be interesting to compare. anyway, back to my dream. i dreamt that the baby was kicking me so much that it kicked THROUGH my stomach and i could see the baby's foot sticking out! somehow the baby came completely out and it was a little girl!

i thought this was interesting because very early on i had thoughts and feelngs that this one might be a girl. my pregnancy has been different this time around. less sickness for one, different cravings and less weight gain. i don't know if these things indicate anything but we'll soon find out! i find myself drawn to the baby girl clothes and bedding at the store too.

i always saw myself as a mom to all boys. i thought it would be fun and always interesting. my mom was a single mom and most of my life i had 2 sisters so we grew up with alot of estrogen in the house. maybe that's why i always wanted something different. i realized after i started having these feelings and dreams that i needed to reconsider the way i always saw things turning out. i'll be really excited for either really! for different reasons i could see a boy or a girl being a blessing in our home. i'm just so curious to see if these experiences have a much greater purpose! we will see soon enough!

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Tayli+Evan+Nixon=love said...

Haha thats so funny! I had almost the same dream when I was pregnant with Nixon! I dreamt that he was kicking me and then kicked me so hard that his foot popped right out of my stomach! and I remember thinking in my dream that his foot was really big and I was sad because I didn't want people to make fun of him ha. And then I stuck his foot right back into my stomach. Ha it was so weird