Wednesday, May 5, 2010

knocked up!

Yes. Yes i am!
Cohen will be a BIG brother this fall!
My due date is 11/10/2010

This is an ultrasound picture done at about 10 weeks.

It was definitely a surprise, but really how surprised could we be.

We obviuosly weren't being super careful and left room for Heavenly Father to allow his will to happen. I had been having a hard time seeing Cohen growing up soooo fast.

We both are actually, so I had days where I wanted another baby and then I had those days when my patience was stretched so thin that there was no way in hell.

(sorry for the potty mouth)

but it'e true.

We had a few scares and I cried at the thought of another baby.

This time around didn't feel any different then those past scares except

this time the test was positive and I was grinning ear to ear. still in shock but

happy! I know that peace came from knowing it was what Heavenly Father desired for us, whether we knew it or not. i just yelled to marcel in the other room... "baaaaabe" and he knew.

He seemed pretty shocked too. I don't think it really sank in for either of us.

At first I had the normal exhaustion, sore boobs and the most

annoying peeing a million times a day and night.

about 7 weeks the nausea set in and pretty much disappeared by 9 weeks.

i had been really worried about miscarrying since i didn't feel as sick as i did with cohen.

Marcel left for a long drive to Georgia right after Easter and called me on his drive.

we had such a long talk. it reminded me of when we were dating and

spent hours talking on the phone about nothing.

during our conversation he told me that he was really excited for this baby!!!

when he said that i felt like i was free to be excited about it too! we both were nervous

about having 2 kids and didn't know how we could possibly love another

baby as much as we love Cohen.

obviously we will.

these were just the mix of thoughts and feelings that we needed to overcome

to get to a point of real joy and excitement for this little one.

I'm past the 3 month mark now and feeling a million times better!

i started out this pregnancy 10 pounds lighter than when

i got pregnant with Cohen and am really hoping to keep my weight under

control a little better this time around.

i've been running and have gained 10 pounds so far. i feel good about that.

my hopes are to gain around 15-20 the next 6 months.

my dr. really encouraged me to stay active and

to keep my weight on the lower end of 25-35 weight gain range.

mostly because she feels its really not necessary to gain that much and

i really can't be big and sluggish while chasin around a nearly 2 year old!!!

I'll fill you in on Cohen a little bit too. We are living in a hotel in Mississippi for the month, so we've had to get really creative to keep him entertained. Sometimes we

hang out in the lobby and Cohen flirts with the ladies at the front desk

and greets EVERY SINGLE person that comes in and out with a "HI!!!" and "BYE BYE!!!"

he's gained quite an imagination lately.

he walks around in circles making noises like "pssshhhh" kina like he's in an action movie

or something. We've tried to teach Cohen that there's a baby in my tummy .

whenever we say "Cohen, where's the baby?" he pulls up my shirt to kiss my belly.

i think he thinks we mean my belly button though :)

he learned to answer yes to questions by nodding.

i love this so much that i intentionally ask him things just so he'll do it.

he's so fun. i love him to pieces. i'm so lucky to be his mom and to have

another little one coming soon!!!

6 weeks until we find out what we're having!


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