Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mom's Day!!

Today I am especially grateful that I am a mom to sweet little Cohen and lil babe in my belly!

I woke up at 6 this morning and moments later I heard Cohen moving around in his bed trying to get comfy... then I heard the sweetest sound of him kissing his buddy rawr.

It got me thinking about about all the things Cohen has been up to lately that make my life so sweet!

he hides his little head or covers his eyes then says "BEE BOO!" (peek a boo)

he says "Ya You!" (love you)

he says please and puts his head on his shoulder.

when you tell him to say cheese in pictures he smiles and squints his eyes tightly shut.

he loves "dum" (gum)

i love how social he is. he LOVES people and is such an entertainer. just like dad!

he is VERY affectionate. he loves to snuggle in bed with us every morning. he even gets in our bed at night and says "nigh nigh"

he loves to sit on my lap. i love how he backs up until he gets to me and then plops right down.

he runs so so cute. he runs as fast as his little legs will let him and his little head bobs the whole way.

he loves to wrestle and play fight with dad and uncle jadi and now the boys in our office!

he cracks up hysterically if you hit your head on anything. he especially loves to bump heads
with other people. sometimes he does it when i don't expect it and it hurts!

my favorite thing lately is he scowls at us of we say no and then he starts to tell us off in his own little language. we can't help but laugh. sometimes marcel says no to him for no reason just to get him to do it!

he loves the pool! when he doesn't have his floaty on and i am holding him he tries to get out of my arms thinking he can do it on his own! he loves to jump in when i catch him too!

he loves to talk on the phone like most kids! he even says phone now.
well, thats all that i can remember right now so i think now i'll write a little bit about MY mom!

she is the most selfless person i know. you will never meet someone who does more for others. sometimes to a fault. she is so patient. of course the most beautiful woman i know. her hugs are my favorite. she is always so warm and snuggly. i love her smell. when i was younger and she had to work nights i rarely got to see her so i would always find a dirty shirt to sleep with because it would smell like her! my mom is the hardest worker. she has worked at The Home Depot for almost 20 years! she went through some terrible things while she was married to my dad and my older sisters dad. she was always so good to them and they just never gave her what she deserved so i am thankful she left them. i hope she will find someone soon that will take care of her and treat her like a queen like she deserves, that's the thing that makes my mom the happiest. she says that seeing me happy and in a healthy marriage is the best gift i could ever give her. she loves marcel and is so happy that i married him (and so am i) my mom is really amazing and have the utmost love, respect and admiration for her. i hope that my kids look at me the way i do her. i feel so lucky to call her "mom".

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