Thursday, May 27, 2010


sorry these are so out of order but i really don't have time to rearrange them!
this is Cohen on the drive to our apt's in MOBILE FINALLY!!!
he says "fry" now. he loves them.
in hotel #2 in Daphne AL. Cohen does this funny move lately!!! we can't get enough.

cohen and dad doing it together!

Hotel #1 Hattiesburg MS. He spent hours just playing with his truvks and choo choo's right here!

getting ready to go out for dinner!

you like our laundry all over the bed? i'm pretty sure i asked marcel to fold it :)

seriously, can you see the resemblance?!!!

the next few are from EASTER in CA!!!
Marcel as the easter bunny :)
flying kites at the park!

my bro pushing co in the toy stroller!

if he wasn't outside he was here screaming "SIDE" !!!! just waiting for someone to take hin out!

playing in the water while dad washed te car!

"say cheese cohen!" ha ha

cute little people

in our apt's!!! cohen decided to share some gum with dad while he was still asleep :)

we live soooo close to the beach! and honestly its better than Florida beaches! who knew?!!!
we had to get there before the oil did :(
can you see my 4 month pregnant belly? i popped quick with this one!

after the beach we stopped at a fun park with go carts and rides for kids!
cohen loved the carousel!

he even rode the choo choo all by himself! i didn't know how he'd do but he did great!

hi mom & dad!

not so sure at first :)

this track was insanely cool. marcel jadi mike and kiffen had a blast!
cohen an i just watched and he got so excited everytime he saw daddy come around!

jadi and marcel buried cohen in sand

my hot mr. leao

cutie bub playing in the sandcohen spotted daddy out in the water!

i don't think he can hear you bud!

my little football star!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet home Alabama...

well, home for the summer! can i just say it is beautiful here! we are still in hotels for the time being...probably another 2-3 weeks. its not so bad though. i can see the ocean from our window!!! its breathtaking. we are in a town called Daphne and there is about a 7 mile long bridge we crossed to get here from Mobile. i have to say i'm deathly afraid of large bodies of water. especially driving over them when you can't see land ahead or behind you! i finally braved the drive back over the bridge to check out the city the other day. we went to a mall ther that had a massive Forever 21. i'm making every atempt possible to feel somewhat attractive at this point in my pregnancy so i can't resist getting something new now and then to up my confidence. even though i still weigh much less then with cohen it is still not easy gaining weight. i dont think anyone enjoys it really. i'm reminded yet again with this pregnancy how lucky i am to have an adoring husband. he STILL thinks i'm super hot and tells me every single day. i really scored when i married him. i love waking up in the morning and feeling my cantaloupe sized ball in my belly. i forgot how cool it was to see the changed occur in what seems like overnight!!! a Yesterday Cohen and I went to an outdoor mall and where the have the water fountains that shoot up from the ground. its actually a little park where parents being their kids with their swinsuits and toys and they have a ball. Cohen LOVED it! i could barely get him to sit still for a picture because he was running all over the place. it is the greatest feeling in the world to see my smiley happy boy enjoying his young little life. he is the greatest joy in my world. he makes me so happy every single day. marcel and i really do enjoy him more than anything in this life. he's such a little smarty. he's learned to say "come" and he'll do the hand motion for you to follow him or he'll get behind me and push my legs in the direction he wants me to go. he always says "all done" when we finish readin a book. last night we went to a nearby donut shop and i asked cohen which one do you want? and he pointed to the same sprinkle donut 3 times in a row so i knew that was the one! then this morning as we ate them for breakfast in bed cohen took a few bites and then took a drink of milk and said "num!!!!" it was so cute. he always asks for my keys and tries to open everything with them. he loves to snack on cheese sticks and whole tomatoes. not even kidding. he picks them out of my salads and sandwiches. atleast their good for him! he likes all sorts of fruit too.
i'm really excited about some upcoming things too. i spent quite some time yesterday calling around to ob's just to get information and find what dr. i would see while i'm here and i decided to give a lay midwife here in the area a call. i've been trying to decide what route i want to take with this pregnancy as far as the delivery goes. i want to go au natural, but i know i will need to prepare and educate myself much better than i did with cohen and would most likely want to have a midwife who would be there for me throughout my entire labor. i had been meeting with a group of midwives in utah and also my normal ob who i had with cohen. after talking to the midwife on the phone yesterday i just got so excited. i have such a desire to learn more about homeopathic and natural ways to deal with things rather than just going to dr's and medicine. while talking to he she explained that i s all she does. she blocks out an hour of time for my visit and along with checking vitals and weight she spends most of the time edicating me on nutrition and anything that is going on with my pregnancy. i really like that. i was always dissapointed at the short amount of time i got with my dr. at each visit. i just think she is exactly what i'm looking for so hopefully my pregnancy is complication free so i can continue to see her and avoid all those expensive dr's!!!

(i have lots of pictures but our camera cord is packed away somewhere and i am too lazy to look for it soooo.... maybe tomorrow :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's intuition? we'll see!

when i was pregnant with Cohen, come to think of it, even before i was pregnant with him, i had pretty detailed dreams about him. one in particular was of him standing up in his crib looking at me with his big blue eyes... when we found out he was a boy i remember feeling so excited when i thought back to this dream. as he grew up one of the most distinct things about him were his big eyes which was even sweeter to me. i truly dreamt of my little boy.

this time around i hadn't had any dreams until just recently. it was quite an odd dream. on a side note, when i had my ultrasound down at 10 weeks my dr. told me the baby was moving around so much already, which was very different than cohen. cohen was very calm and really never kicked much. he mostly rolled around in my tummy. its obviously to early to tell how active this baby will be but it will be interesting to compare. anyway, back to my dream. i dreamt that the baby was kicking me so much that it kicked THROUGH my stomach and i could see the baby's foot sticking out! somehow the baby came completely out and it was a little girl!

i thought this was interesting because very early on i had thoughts and feelngs that this one might be a girl. my pregnancy has been different this time around. less sickness for one, different cravings and less weight gain. i don't know if these things indicate anything but we'll soon find out! i find myself drawn to the baby girl clothes and bedding at the store too.

i always saw myself as a mom to all boys. i thought it would be fun and always interesting. my mom was a single mom and most of my life i had 2 sisters so we grew up with alot of estrogen in the house. maybe that's why i always wanted something different. i realized after i started having these feelings and dreams that i needed to reconsider the way i always saw things turning out. i'll be really excited for either really! for different reasons i could see a boy or a girl being a blessing in our home. i'm just so curious to see if these experiences have a much greater purpose! we will see soon enough!

Happy Mom's Day!!

Today I am especially grateful that I am a mom to sweet little Cohen and lil babe in my belly!

I woke up at 6 this morning and moments later I heard Cohen moving around in his bed trying to get comfy... then I heard the sweetest sound of him kissing his buddy rawr.

It got me thinking about about all the things Cohen has been up to lately that make my life so sweet!

he hides his little head or covers his eyes then says "BEE BOO!" (peek a boo)

he says "Ya You!" (love you)

he says please and puts his head on his shoulder.

when you tell him to say cheese in pictures he smiles and squints his eyes tightly shut.

he loves "dum" (gum)

i love how social he is. he LOVES people and is such an entertainer. just like dad!

he is VERY affectionate. he loves to snuggle in bed with us every morning. he even gets in our bed at night and says "nigh nigh"

he loves to sit on my lap. i love how he backs up until he gets to me and then plops right down.

he runs so so cute. he runs as fast as his little legs will let him and his little head bobs the whole way.

he loves to wrestle and play fight with dad and uncle jadi and now the boys in our office!

he cracks up hysterically if you hit your head on anything. he especially loves to bump heads
with other people. sometimes he does it when i don't expect it and it hurts!

my favorite thing lately is he scowls at us of we say no and then he starts to tell us off in his own little language. we can't help but laugh. sometimes marcel says no to him for no reason just to get him to do it!

he loves the pool! when he doesn't have his floaty on and i am holding him he tries to get out of my arms thinking he can do it on his own! he loves to jump in when i catch him too!

he loves to talk on the phone like most kids! he even says phone now.
well, thats all that i can remember right now so i think now i'll write a little bit about MY mom!

she is the most selfless person i know. you will never meet someone who does more for others. sometimes to a fault. she is so patient. of course the most beautiful woman i know. her hugs are my favorite. she is always so warm and snuggly. i love her smell. when i was younger and she had to work nights i rarely got to see her so i would always find a dirty shirt to sleep with because it would smell like her! my mom is the hardest worker. she has worked at The Home Depot for almost 20 years! she went through some terrible things while she was married to my dad and my older sisters dad. she was always so good to them and they just never gave her what she deserved so i am thankful she left them. i hope she will find someone soon that will take care of her and treat her like a queen like she deserves, that's the thing that makes my mom the happiest. she says that seeing me happy and in a healthy marriage is the best gift i could ever give her. she loves marcel and is so happy that i married him (and so am i) my mom is really amazing and have the utmost love, respect and admiration for her. i hope that my kids look at me the way i do her. i feel so lucky to call her "mom".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

knocked up!

Yes. Yes i am!
Cohen will be a BIG brother this fall!
My due date is 11/10/2010

This is an ultrasound picture done at about 10 weeks.

It was definitely a surprise, but really how surprised could we be.

We obviuosly weren't being super careful and left room for Heavenly Father to allow his will to happen. I had been having a hard time seeing Cohen growing up soooo fast.

We both are actually, so I had days where I wanted another baby and then I had those days when my patience was stretched so thin that there was no way in hell.

(sorry for the potty mouth)

but it'e true.

We had a few scares and I cried at the thought of another baby.

This time around didn't feel any different then those past scares except

this time the test was positive and I was grinning ear to ear. still in shock but

happy! I know that peace came from knowing it was what Heavenly Father desired for us, whether we knew it or not. i just yelled to marcel in the other room... "baaaaabe" and he knew.

He seemed pretty shocked too. I don't think it really sank in for either of us.

At first I had the normal exhaustion, sore boobs and the most

annoying peeing a million times a day and night.

about 7 weeks the nausea set in and pretty much disappeared by 9 weeks.

i had been really worried about miscarrying since i didn't feel as sick as i did with cohen.

Marcel left for a long drive to Georgia right after Easter and called me on his drive.

we had such a long talk. it reminded me of when we were dating and

spent hours talking on the phone about nothing.

during our conversation he told me that he was really excited for this baby!!!

when he said that i felt like i was free to be excited about it too! we both were nervous

about having 2 kids and didn't know how we could possibly love another

baby as much as we love Cohen.

obviously we will.

these were just the mix of thoughts and feelings that we needed to overcome

to get to a point of real joy and excitement for this little one.

I'm past the 3 month mark now and feeling a million times better!

i started out this pregnancy 10 pounds lighter than when

i got pregnant with Cohen and am really hoping to keep my weight under

control a little better this time around.

i've been running and have gained 10 pounds so far. i feel good about that.

my hopes are to gain around 15-20 the next 6 months.

my dr. really encouraged me to stay active and

to keep my weight on the lower end of 25-35 weight gain range.

mostly because she feels its really not necessary to gain that much and

i really can't be big and sluggish while chasin around a nearly 2 year old!!!

I'll fill you in on Cohen a little bit too. We are living in a hotel in Mississippi for the month, so we've had to get really creative to keep him entertained. Sometimes we

hang out in the lobby and Cohen flirts with the ladies at the front desk

and greets EVERY SINGLE person that comes in and out with a "HI!!!" and "BYE BYE!!!"

he's gained quite an imagination lately.

he walks around in circles making noises like "pssshhhh" kina like he's in an action movie

or something. We've tried to teach Cohen that there's a baby in my tummy .

whenever we say "Cohen, where's the baby?" he pulls up my shirt to kiss my belly.

i think he thinks we mean my belly button though :)

he learned to answer yes to questions by nodding.

i love this so much that i intentionally ask him things just so he'll do it.

he's so fun. i love him to pieces. i'm so lucky to be his mom and to have

another little one coming soon!!!

6 weeks until we find out what we're having!