Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter California Style!

Marcel left to Georgia with all of our stuff including our nice camera and I forgot to
upload the pictures of our trip before he left so here's a few from our little old camera.

Our trip to California was amazing! We decided to take off Wednesday night and drive through the night while Cohen slept. Of course we hit the worst snow storm through southern Utah. We drove 40 or less through most of it but finally got to good ol' Chino at 7 am! I was pooped but couldn't sleep because I was so excited to see my family! My mom went to work so we spent the day with my sister and her boyfriend Matt. We devoured my favorite BRC with guacamole and sour cream from El Pollo Loco... mmmm good! It's been a long time fav of me and my sis. Then we went to the mall to visit MY store H&M! Not going to lie... i was sorta dissapointed with the selection they had. I specifically wanted to find some jeans for myself and didn't find any! bummer. We spent a lot of time outside with Cohen. He would just stand at the door saying "side!" until someone would go out with him. The weather was perfect and we both got some color!!! woot! My mom has the best fenced in yard with a decent size lawn and driveway so him and his Cousin Kenzie would BOTH push their little strollers all over. Cohen would put Rawr in it for a ride. it was awesome. Marcel decided to wash our car while we were hanging out and the kids had a blast playing in the water. Kenzie was all in it and Cohen just played off to the side where the water was running down into the street. We went to lunch at Riverside Grill with my sis and her bf on Saturday and then hung out until my mom got off work. Marcel went to Priesthood by himself while I went grocery shopping with my mama to get stuff for her delicious tacos!!! she made these yummy cake cookies for us to have on easter and we ate all of them that night! My sis and I had fun getting Easter Baskets ready for our kids! Easter was so fun too. We slept in a little then woke up and had a yummy breakfast that marcel made for us! we got ready and then went to the park to fly kites. That didn't really work out because every single park was packed! We went back home and did an egg hunt for Cohen and Kenzie! They actually got the hang of it. Once Cohen realized there was candy in them he was done hunting and just wanted to chow down! We ate yummy ham and then said our goodbyes. Of course I cried and coultdn't let go of my mom. I am tearing up just thinking about how much I miss her and my siblings. Marcel loves going to see my family too. We talked pretty seriously about making the move there and it seems like something that is really going to happen in the near future! When we are ready to buy a house it will be there. I can't wait!


pat,lyll,jadyn,maddux,bodey said...

so a few things. Cohen is getting so big! he looks so much like you... in a boyish way. love all your pics you guys make such a cute family! and i love your music on here. sometimes i just come to your blog so i can listen to it :) hope georgia selling goes awesome for you guys again! miss you guys.

Orange Juice said...

It is so good to be with family! I am so glad. I can say that i would be upset if you left Utah...but we will most likely be leaving too when CHad is done with school... and if it ends up being s close to California. We miss u happy b-day a few weeks ago!

Bri said...

Doesn't Chicago sound way better than Alabama? Come with us! ;)

I think we'll end up in California at some point too. I don't think Adam can imagine living anywhere else!