Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend getaway...

Marcel's brother called us last week and told us some of the APX guys were going down to St. George to sell. One of the guys parents owned a beautiful vacation home there that had plenty of room for the wives and kids so Cohen and I got to come along! My sister in law Mal and my nephew Sawyer were there too so I was really excited to have some much needed girl time!
Over the weekend Cohen learned how to say Sawyer's name... it was so sweet. he adores his cousin. No doubt they are going to be best buds someday soon! Marcel was actually really occupied installing that he never got a chance to knock or do anything too fun. Mal and I went to the outlets and had lunch but we spent most of our time lounging around. I put on about 5 pounds this weekend and i'm paying the price now with my lack of motivation to workout, blah! there's always tomorrow :) Poor Cohen somehow got sick on the trip and has had a fever since we've been home... i sort of like it when he's sick though. he's always extra cuddly and clingy. i just love to snuggle with my little one. anyway, that was our weekend!

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Anonymous said...

comin to utah the 31st we should see each other just give me a call or give me your number so I can call you!!