Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"do" means "dude " in cohen lingo.
his vocabulary is growing like crazy. just to name a few. (nose).pee (he's the best at screaming this one loud repeatedly from the backseat. not because he wants my attention but just because he likes saying it!
da da. puppa (puppy) ba (bath). Jesus. bo (book) .cheese. nana (banana) ow (ouch) mmmmmm (when he wants a kiss)
he can point to all of his basic body parts!
he can also make animal sounds...
moo. ah ah ah (monkey) he tried to do a sheep today. it was so cute. rawr of course. and woof woof.
he has been giving the best hugs lately where he squeezes us so tightly that he turns red in the face!
he loves accessories (hats, shoes, rings, headbands, name it!)
the other day i was carrying him across a parking lot to the car and he was just staring at the ground. i couldn't figure out what he was doing until i saw him spit!!! he totally copied his dad's terrible habit! i was driving with his window down the other day and i heard him doing it again out the window!
he also loves to sit on the counter and watch me do my hair and makeup. he loves chapstick and he likes when i put lotions and stuff on him. he even tried to put on my face makeup!
monkey see, monkey do!
when cohen wants me to do something for him he will stand at my legs and push me in the direction he wants me to go!
he also does "bones" with his fist.

... to sum it up our son is quite the smarty pants and is growing up waaaayyyy too fast!

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