Wednesday, March 3, 2010

attitude of gratitude...

lately, i find myself thinking a lot about my
life and the things i take for granted.
i've been reminding myself more often how fragile life is.
i'm so thankful to be HERE in this life
with the opportunity to have my husband
and son as my eternal family.
i'm so grateful we are healthy and happy.
we have this amazing spirit in the form of cohen.
he is incredibly fun and loving.... a lot like dad, huh?
speaking of my baby daddy... i'm so so so grateful for him.
he has been in a slump when it comes to work,
and i know it affects him. he has moments of great sadness,
which isn't so bad because it shows his great desire to fulfill his role
as husband, father, and provider. he's done the best he can with the situation,
humbling himself greatly, being prayerful and most importantly faithful.
my husband is such a simple man and i love that.
he's got the right idea. it really loves life and has the most
contagious happiness about him. his smile lights up my life!

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