Monday, March 29, 2010

whats up?!

We had a few things happen lately that I don't want to forget to write down!
Something exciting is a few weeks ago we got a car! We've been sharing one vehicle for some time now and it has been a challenge! So finally after many weeks of searching for something in our price range with low mileage that would last us a few years... we found it! we both decided we wanted a Honda Accord an thats just what we got! a 2000 to be exact. It's in very good condition with only a few dings on the exterior and the interior is decent as well. It runs like a dream though. we test drove quite a few cars and even lost some money on doing safety/emissions on some that didn't end up passing so we were beyond grateful when we found our car. the guy we bought it from was a super nice and honest guy that was going to byu so we knew he wasn't going to screw us. it just felt right and we are so happy with our purchase!

Also, last week was my birthday! I turned 25 on the 23rd! Marcel was such a sweetie. He had secretly been stashing away money just for the day! I woke up to a birthday message on BOTH bathroom mirrors (which is something my mom would ALWAYS do for us, and Marcel has kept the tradition alive in our family :) He then took cohen and i to breakfast at Cracker Barrel! He knows i love going to breakfast better than anything! i 'd pick that over a dinner date any day!
He had to go to school after that so I gave Cohen a nap until he got home. Marcel just spoiled me the whole day! He kept saying "what next, birthday girl!?" he made me feel soooo special. thats kind of hard to do as you get older and birthdays lose that excitement they once had. he made it so fun though! Later on in the evening marcel busily worked on making a cake for me and invited our friends and family over for pizza, cake and games! i have to say it was one of my favorite birthdays!

On to some other news! Marcel made the decision to be a tech again this year and we are going to Birmingham Alabama! Not the most ideal place, but our apartments look great from the website! We're really focusing on making this summer more about work and less about fun so the less distractions and things to spend money on over the summer the better! That way we'll come home with more! Wish us luck!

Sorry no pictures lately... i go through phases where i take pictures non stop and then somehow forget to take them after awhile! I'll catch up... we're going to California to spend easter with my family so i will take LOTS then!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

family photos...

this is the wonderful family i married into... i'm so lucky!

Cohen LOVES his cousin Sawyer!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring!

Who isn't loving this amazing weather lately!? It's such a cheerful time! Speaking of cheerful... these cupcakes make me SMILE! I think these will be an easter treat for my boys!

Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend getaway...

Marcel's brother called us last week and told us some of the APX guys were going down to St. George to sell. One of the guys parents owned a beautiful vacation home there that had plenty of room for the wives and kids so Cohen and I got to come along! My sister in law Mal and my nephew Sawyer were there too so I was really excited to have some much needed girl time!
Over the weekend Cohen learned how to say Sawyer's name... it was so sweet. he adores his cousin. No doubt they are going to be best buds someday soon! Marcel was actually really occupied installing that he never got a chance to knock or do anything too fun. Mal and I went to the outlets and had lunch but we spent most of our time lounging around. I put on about 5 pounds this weekend and i'm paying the price now with my lack of motivation to workout, blah! there's always tomorrow :) Poor Cohen somehow got sick on the trip and has had a fever since we've been home... i sort of like it when he's sick though. he's always extra cuddly and clingy. i just love to snuggle with my little one. anyway, that was our weekend!

before meets after...

i love when other people post their before and
after projects so i decided to get a little thrifty myself!

i found the above canister at Ross on clearance super cheap.
it is a set of 3 but i got a little ahead of my self and didn't
remember to take a before picture until the other two were already painted...oops!
you get the idea by the above picture. quite patriotic, right?

Here is the finished product below!!! i LOVE them!
evidently decorating with numbers is the "it" thing this season.

this bench below was a yard sale find on one of trips to California!
i had big plans for this $20 piece of furniture.... it was originally a plain old oak brown color with some chips and scratches, a little paint and super RAD fabric.... and VOILA!
if we have a girl next i have some amazing plans with this fabric
and a deep purple color as my inspiration for the nursery!

(i haven't gotten around to sewing the top cover but you get the idea!)

Friday, March 5, 2010

oh baby...

i've noticed as i search for new additions to cohen's room or for a nursery for
our next baby, i am ALWAYS drawn to things modern and nature-esque (trees, birds, etc.)
i adore this adorable room... but definitely not the price!
super cute though!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"do" means "dude " in cohen lingo.
his vocabulary is growing like crazy. just to name a few. (nose).pee (he's the best at screaming this one loud repeatedly from the backseat. not because he wants my attention but just because he likes saying it!
da da. puppa (puppy) ba (bath). Jesus. bo (book) .cheese. nana (banana) ow (ouch) mmmmmm (when he wants a kiss)
he can point to all of his basic body parts!
he can also make animal sounds...
moo. ah ah ah (monkey) he tried to do a sheep today. it was so cute. rawr of course. and woof woof.
he has been giving the best hugs lately where he squeezes us so tightly that he turns red in the face!
he loves accessories (hats, shoes, rings, headbands, name it!)
the other day i was carrying him across a parking lot to the car and he was just staring at the ground. i couldn't figure out what he was doing until i saw him spit!!! he totally copied his dad's terrible habit! i was driving with his window down the other day and i heard him doing it again out the window!
he also loves to sit on the counter and watch me do my hair and makeup. he loves chapstick and he likes when i put lotions and stuff on him. he even tried to put on my face makeup!
monkey see, monkey do!
when cohen wants me to do something for him he will stand at my legs and push me in the direction he wants me to go!
he also does "bones" with his fist.

... to sum it up our son is quite the smarty pants and is growing up waaaayyyy too fast!

attitude of gratitude...

lately, i find myself thinking a lot about my
life and the things i take for granted.
i've been reminding myself more often how fragile life is.
i'm so thankful to be HERE in this life
with the opportunity to have my husband
and son as my eternal family.
i'm so grateful we are healthy and happy.
we have this amazing spirit in the form of cohen.
he is incredibly fun and loving.... a lot like dad, huh?
speaking of my baby daddy... i'm so so so grateful for him.
he has been in a slump when it comes to work,
and i know it affects him. he has moments of great sadness,
which isn't so bad because it shows his great desire to fulfill his role
as husband, father, and provider. he's done the best he can with the situation,
humbling himself greatly, being prayerful and most importantly faithful.
my husband is such a simple man and i love that.
he's got the right idea. it really loves life and has the most
contagious happiness about him. his smile lights up my life!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

easy-peasy bbq chicken sandwiches

Chicken (or even better PORK!).BBQ Sauce.
Crockpot all day. Shred. plop on buns. Serve.ENJOY.
easiest most delicious dinner EVER!
stole this from melissa and it's a family fav.
tonight i tried it with whole wheat buns to make it a little healthier but i wasn't thrilled.
i think i'll stick to white buns.

pretty poppy...

I have been obsessed with these anemones since I was planning a wedding 3 years ago!!!! If I had it my way I would've had our reception decked out with these but they are WAY too pricey and I think they were out of season at the time... I still love to look at them to this day.