Saturday, February 6, 2010

We ended last month with Cohen going in for surgery to have cyst removed from his lil pee pee. We have been waiting for our insurance to approve it for months and finally they did. We went to the hospital early that Thursday morning with a hungry baby who we couldn't feed... As we walk in the waiting room after registering we pass trays of muffins and donuts and Cohen would reach up to them saying "ma" for more. He always says that over an over when he wants some. They walked us back and did a quick physical and changed him into his ADORABLE little hospital gown... we wanted to take it home it was so cute. Then we walked over to an area with toys so we could wait for the Dr. and anesthesiologist to come talk to us and take Cohen back. The Dr. explained that he would be doing a circumcision to remove the cyst and not submit it (since our insurance hadn't approved it) so that was really nice of him! Cohen was busily playing with the toy have a great time. One of the nurses came and gave him some medicine that would basically make him loopy so it would be easier and less scary for him as the put him under. his eyes were glazed over and he was so out of it! They saud they would put a mask on him that had bubble gum scented gas that would knock him out and then they would put him under with anesthesia. I was grateful they were mindful of how traumatic surgery would be a little guy and that they didI was so nervous. I've worked in the O.R. before so I was aware of the environment and the way things work and the image of my little baby as a patient on the operating table was really difficult for me. I'd seen many tragic things happen in those rooms and I couldn't help but think about the worst possible scenario. I said many prayers during his 45 minute surgery. He came out a-okay!!! I can't even explain how wonderful it felt to hold him again. His little body was so warm and he was so floppy afterwards. He woke from the anesthesia in a lot of pain. It was so sad. The next couple days were pretty hard. He couldn't move without help and we had to keep him drugged around the clock. He laid on the couch the whole time practically. He always wanted us by him. We even got him a new Yo Gabba Gabba video because we knew thats all we'd be watching! At one point he got up and attempted to dance and ended up hurting himself... it was so sad. Here we are 9 days later though and he is almost completely healed! Hooray! Its nice to have our happy playful little boy back!

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