Friday, February 12, 2010

our little newb.

When Cohen was about 3 months old, our computer screen broke on our old laptop and just recently we were able to get all of our pictures off of the hard drive! Which included when we were dating, our first 2 years of marriage AND Cohen's newborn stage!!! I was so thrilled to revisit memory lane. I thought I'd share....

March 2007... Marcel came to California to meet my family!

After we were married April 16 2007, we spent our first night packing my apartment so we could leave for Ft. Worth Texas the next morning! I remember Marcel got a speeding ticket on the way... we should've told him we were newlyweds so maybe he would've taken pitty on us!

We were transferred to Omaha Nebraska! We drove through Oklahoma and Kansas. I remember being so afraid of tornadoes the ENTIRE drive! Obviously by the pictures we had nothing but beautiful weather the whole way.

Happily Married!

We left at the beginning of August to be with my family in California while my Grandma was passing. This is Del Mar San Diego where we spread her ashes. It was totally illegal but it had special meaning for our family.

Me and my sis!

Me and the hubs! Newport Beach.

Home in Utah!

Finally had our reception!
October 20 2007
Hallmark declared it sweetheart day (really)

Our first Halloweeeeeen!

Marcel's 23rd birthday.
December 20th 2007
...also the day Cohen was conceived :)

Our first Christmas tree!

Marcel's first christmas... Olson style!

The day he received the priesthood. A VERY special day.

Even more special...
April 16 2008
Our 1 year anniversary
We became an Eternal Family!

We found out "it" was a "he"!

... and he grew...

...and so did I!

August 25 2008
Cohen Marcel Leao
6 lbs 9 oz
22 inches long

Our little family grew!

Marcel watching tv. They really need to make hospital beds more accomodating.

sweet boy.

little peanut.

love his hair. he came out with a full on faux hawk!

such a good daddy. (i knew he would be)

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Curtiss & Ginger said...

awwww..... I loved that blog! I feel like I got even more updated on everything that I've missed! You guys are such a sweet family! It was fun to see all those pics :)