Sunday, February 14, 2010


i am lucky...

that my husband...
is doing all the dishes for me right now (so that i can nap)
is so incredibly good looking. (especially today in his churchclothes mmmm)
interrupts me when i'm cleaning so we can slow dance to Coldplay.
randomly comes up behind me to give me loves and tell me how "gorgeous" i am.
leads, guides and supports me in all things gospel related.
calls me out when i'm being moody and ridiculous. (i need that now and then)
is so fun AND funny. he always makes me smile. even during an argument when i'm trying to be stubborn he'll always get me to crack!
adores cohen and i and would do ANYTHING for us.
is such a simple man.
never spends money.
is so affectionate and loving.
knows what is important in this life and always reminds me.
wants to have more babies with me.
has an awesome family (i have the best inlaws)
can eat anything and everything and not gain weight.
is still VERY attracted to me while fat and pregnant.weird.
...i could go on but you get the point. i scored when i married my man. Happy "Valentimes" Day my love!! xoxo

Our Valentines Day candle lit dinner!
note the pretty orchid plant... i set the table and went in the other room and when i came back marcel surprised me with it in the center of the table! such a sweetheart. i told him when we got married to never buy me flowers because i hate how they don't last long. instead get me plants so when we have a house i can have a garden full of plants he's gotten me! this will be a beautiful addition :)

my other valentine!

loves his balloons.

i love his bedhead!

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Bri said...

How funny, Adam got me an orchid too! It's so pretty!