Saturday, February 6, 2010

i heart rainy days!

The weather has been so nice this week that Cohen and I decide to go out for a stroll to the park! Not without froggy boots though!

This is a magnet board I made for Cohen the other day! I copied Bri and love it!

This is me with the man of my dreams :)

Lately, I have found myself really missing rain! I don't mind the snow much. Somedays I actually really love it and how beautiful it is... but hearing about all the rain my friends and family are getting in California makes me jealous! I love love love rainy days! I woke up last night to go to the bathroom and as I returned to bed and laid there waiting to drift off I heard the sweet sound of rain drops on my window and I seriously smiled... It was the best waking up to the wetness this morning... especially since its saturday and I can spend the day inside with my boys!!! I just thought I'd do a quick picture post...

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