Saturday, February 6, 2010

18 months and growing!

This is what happens when Marcel gives him a bath :)

If he sees food that he wants or his sippy cup and he says "MA!" for more.
When he sees a picture or me and marcel he points to it and says "mama dada".
When we get him out his crib he immediately looks for rawr AND his blankie before we get him out.
No fail, when he wakes up he wants his "b's" (boots) on! He can even put them on himself now! He doesn't like to take them off! He even napped in them today :)
He kind of has an obsession with shoes. if mine or marcel's closet is open he will bring us shoes and he doesn't rest until we put them on.
He is a VERY good listener.Most of the time when we say no he will stop what he is doing and if we say put it back, he does!
When he looks out the window he says "no!" (snow)
He likes to put gel in his hair all by himself.
He is so affectionate. He loves to give and receive hugs and kisses.
He is ticklish on his neck. We always kiss and nibble him there and he laughs hysterically!
Today he got the milk out all by himself and even helped me pour it into his sippy!
He has been trying to snap lately too! He puts his thumb and pointer finger together and makes a clicking sound with his tongue!
If my hair is in my face he brushes it away for me :)
If he gets hurt he always runs t me with his hand out for me to kiss it better!
He LOVES babies... Marcel and I have both been wanting a baby in the house again... The thought and the reality of a baby are two very different things though. We are thinking within the next year or two though! Its so exciting to look forward to!

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Yellow Sparrow Photography said...

Aww cute little Cohan!! Your eyes look gorgeous in that picture!