Thursday, February 25, 2010

new steez!

maybe now strangers at the grocery store won't tell me how cute my "daughter" is and ask me how old "she" is!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{silly & sweet boutique}


that double as a belt!

and can also be pinned to an elastic hairband!

i made these pretty petals.
i think they would be super cute as a belt for a little girl!
i'm going to start an etsy shop i decided!
silly & sweet boutique.
i'll keep you posted on when i get it up and running!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

little dude.

where's cohen?

he is really into hats lately.
say cheese cohen!
watch out justin timberlake

not sure how to feel about riding the choo-choo!
this face is priceless!
warming up...

he got into it for a little bit when he saw how
much fun the other kids were having.

oh the emotions of a toddler.
i'm not even sure what was going on in this picture.

he couldn't get enough of the train once we got off!

Vua Vua and Cohen!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i miss him.

he's gone selling in Reno until Saturday and probably won't be back until Sunday!! i have the hardest time sleeping when his side of the bed in empty. i'm so exhausted right now but seriously can't fall i blog. i've got lots of activities to keep me busy while he's gone though! Today I worked and then had my young womens activity. it was combined with the young mens and evidently i was the topic of conversation among the boys tonight. it's still flattering when teenage boys have a crush on you :) Tomorrow my mother-in-law and I are going to lunch and then to take Cohen to ride the train at her work! she has been wanting to take him for some time now so i'm excited. Later my dear friend Corrie is coming over with her little guy Bentley to have dinner and a little girls night! Her husband is out selling in Reno too so it worked out perfect for both of us! Saturday is Cohen's (and my) friend Mason's birthday party! I've got to finish my lesson for Sunday too... it will be my very first time teaching! I'm teaching about how obeying commandments helps us fulfill our divine roles. I had the hardest time coming up with any ideas for a treat or something that went along with my lesson... finally i decided to make some orange rolls and call them "divine rolls"... cheesy, right? oh well.... they'll be tasty atleast!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

family tree.

(i desperately want this picture for my birthday!)

At the beginning of the year Marcel and I started going to a Family History class during the sunday school hour. Going to this class has really inspired me to make geneology more of a priority. Being a convert to the church I know I have A LOT of work to do. I thought about my grandma (who passed away 3 years ago) and my grandpa (who passed away 19 years ago), but I figured my aunt and uncle (who are also converts) had already done the Temple work that they needed. As I began doing some research on the new family search website I realized they hadn't! At first I thought it was a mistake until my cousin confirmed that the work hadn't been done for them yet! WHAT?! how could they have let so much time go by?! At that moment something took over me and I just felt like we could not waste another minute! They have been waiting! As I talked it over with my uncle and cousin I realized there was more to it. Without getting in to too much detail, It just became something it shouldn't. We are here on the earth to do work for those who no longer can do it for themselves. I get the feeling my aunt hasn't done the work for them for her own personal selfish reasons. It really shouldn't matter who does it for them it just needs to be done! In this process I think my family has begun to realize the importance of doing it now and not putting it off any longer so whether or not I am the one to physically do it for them or not, I feel in my heart I have fulfilled a divine purpose by motivating my family to get it done. Last night Marcel and I had a long talk about this whole situation and he made me realize things about myself that brought me to tears. In my patriarchal blessing a large portion of it speaks about the things I will for in regards to linking generations . I feel such peace within me right now. This is probably one of the first times in my life that I feel so perfectly in harmony with God's plan and my purpose in this life. I am so grateful... I have a lot of work to do! :)

music to my ears...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i am lucky...

that my husband...
is doing all the dishes for me right now (so that i can nap)
is so incredibly good looking. (especially today in his churchclothes mmmm)
interrupts me when i'm cleaning so we can slow dance to Coldplay.
randomly comes up behind me to give me loves and tell me how "gorgeous" i am.
leads, guides and supports me in all things gospel related.
calls me out when i'm being moody and ridiculous. (i need that now and then)
is so fun AND funny. he always makes me smile. even during an argument when i'm trying to be stubborn he'll always get me to crack!
adores cohen and i and would do ANYTHING for us.
is such a simple man.
never spends money.
is so affectionate and loving.
knows what is important in this life and always reminds me.
wants to have more babies with me.
has an awesome family (i have the best inlaws)
can eat anything and everything and not gain weight.
is still VERY attracted to me while fat and pregnant.weird.
...i could go on but you get the point. i scored when i married my man. Happy "Valentimes" Day my love!! xoxo

Our Valentines Day candle lit dinner!
note the pretty orchid plant... i set the table and went in the other room and when i came back marcel surprised me with it in the center of the table! such a sweetheart. i told him when we got married to never buy me flowers because i hate how they don't last long. instead get me plants so when we have a house i can have a garden full of plants he's gotten me! this will be a beautiful addition :)

my other valentine!

loves his balloons.

i love his bedhead!

goodnight rawr...

when he does this...

he'll soon do this.

Cohen loves his little buddy rawr. he also loves back (well, all over body) tickles... he also loves the two combined. when he gets sleepy he tickles himself with rawr's tail. its super sweet. sometimes if we are laying by him he will grab rawr's tail and put it in our hand to give us a hint about what he wants us to do!

yes please...

i found these adorable prints for sale here! they would be the cutest addition to Cohen's room!

Friday, February 12, 2010

our little newb.

When Cohen was about 3 months old, our computer screen broke on our old laptop and just recently we were able to get all of our pictures off of the hard drive! Which included when we were dating, our first 2 years of marriage AND Cohen's newborn stage!!! I was so thrilled to revisit memory lane. I thought I'd share....

March 2007... Marcel came to California to meet my family!

After we were married April 16 2007, we spent our first night packing my apartment so we could leave for Ft. Worth Texas the next morning! I remember Marcel got a speeding ticket on the way... we should've told him we were newlyweds so maybe he would've taken pitty on us!

We were transferred to Omaha Nebraska! We drove through Oklahoma and Kansas. I remember being so afraid of tornadoes the ENTIRE drive! Obviously by the pictures we had nothing but beautiful weather the whole way.

Happily Married!

We left at the beginning of August to be with my family in California while my Grandma was passing. This is Del Mar San Diego where we spread her ashes. It was totally illegal but it had special meaning for our family.

Me and my sis!

Me and the hubs! Newport Beach.

Home in Utah!

Finally had our reception!
October 20 2007
Hallmark declared it sweetheart day (really)

Our first Halloweeeeeen!

Marcel's 23rd birthday.
December 20th 2007
...also the day Cohen was conceived :)

Our first Christmas tree!

Marcel's first christmas... Olson style!

The day he received the priesthood. A VERY special day.

Even more special...
April 16 2008
Our 1 year anniversary
We became an Eternal Family!

We found out "it" was a "he"!

... and he grew...

...and so did I!

August 25 2008
Cohen Marcel Leao
6 lbs 9 oz
22 inches long

Our little family grew!

Marcel watching tv. They really need to make hospital beds more accomodating.

sweet boy.

little peanut.

love his hair. he came out with a full on faux hawk!

such a good daddy. (i knew he would be)