Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

Here's a little photo recap of 2009!
Cohen was still a baby at the beginning of this year. He was barely even sitting up i believe!

In february Marcel lost his job and we moved into his moms until we left for the summer> we got through it though!
We also went to CAlifornia to see our first niece Kenzie after she was born Feb 4th!

Marcel worked at Sammy's for a short time before we left. We visited it often... they have way good fries!
To this day Cohen hates the swing!

Look at the terror in his little face. sad.

Toothless little Baby! In April we stayed with my mom since we wouldn't see her the whole summer!
Align Center
We moved to Tampa Florida! Cohen and Zuri!

Cohen loved the ducks! He loved to go for walks around this pond all the time.

ALl my summer friends! It was our best summer yet!
Cohen started walking at about 11 months and then turned 1 on August 25th! We had a lion party for him since our last name means lion translated.

He was acting shy...
To this day Cohen is still obsessed with balls. If we're at the store and he sees one he practically hyperventilates and keeps saying ba ba ba! or booon if he sees a balloon.

He was a duck for Halloween.

A little fall photo shoot!

Another trip to California for family pics!
We had a good year. It started out rough with Marcels job loss but we had a very successful summer that helped us see the bright side. Through all the difficulties we face though we have learned an important lesson... if we work hard together we'll get through it. Its true. Cohen helps too... throughout everything he keeps us laughing! We are a very blessed family. Here's to 2010!

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