Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cohen, you're so silly!

He has been doing the funniest like always! Awhile back I was in the kitchen cookin and there was something on the stove so there was some steam coming from it...Cohen comes in and from where he stands he starts blowing up towards the steam. i died! He also attempts to copy Marcel whenever he sees him spit! When he sees us brushing our teeth he wants to do it also so last night we set him on the counter top and he saw us brush and spit and totally copied. We laughed so hard! We started fake crying in front him because every time we did he would come give us a kiss. Now HE is starting to fake cry. Its funny though because most of the time he's smiling and just making a crying sound! He has also learned that when he gets hurt mommy will kiss it and make it better. Well, the other day he hurt himself and decided he had the magic kisses and proceeded to kiss himself better :) He loves to jump in place but he really never gets off the ground. He just gets on the very tips of his toes and makes a grunting sound like he's trying really really hard! He can't resist the bath either. If I am in there hoping to relax he has one foot in whining until i bring him in with me. Today when he was poopy I told him to go get me a diaper and he did all the way from the other room! So i tested him again and told him to go get me wipes and he did! one wipe at a time but still i was proud! He loves when i caress him softly after i change him. its sweet. He is very loving. He really enjoys affection. He also loves books! If i'm sitting in his room or on the couch he will bring me a book and sit on my lap all by himself. And when we're done he'll go get another one. He loves books with animals. He can do a monkey sound and attempts a puppy sound. He likes when I do the elephant sound and make my arm like the trunk. His Grandma Marcia says "bew bew" for a bird and Cohen says it too! She also calls herself "vua vua" (dont know how to spell it) but It means Grandma and so he calls her that now! At church sunday when she went up to bear her testimony Cohen saw her up there and was screaming "vua vua!!!" the whole time. She smiled and had to wrap it up quickly after that because it was very distracting :) He has gotten more attached to Rawr too. Now he wants him occasinally during the day instead of just at night. When we are watching tv as a family Cohen will sit on the couch with us sometimes and when we're watching a grown up show and he hears us laugh at something he laughs moments after even though he has no clue what's going on! He can say shoes, food, juice pretty clearly now and hi and bye. He even says "no no" correctly while shaking his head. And yes! He says no for snow and no for nose while pointing to his nose. He knows where his belly button is but can't say it yet! OH! and he says "pear" for prayer and folds his arms! When we're at church and i show him pictures of Jesus he says daddy. pretty cute. He has a picture of Christ in his room and Sunday while we were getting ready i said "we're going to go learn about Jesus" and he looked up to the picture on his wall! I just wanted to post this while I had these things on my mind! He does so many new things that I can barely keep up but I'm trying so so hard! :)

This was just a video I had from a few days after Christmas that I thought was cute :)


Curtiss & Ginger said...

I am already enjoying your blog! :) How cute! Ohhhh he is so precious! I cant wait to meet him!! :) You are such a great mom!

Anonymous said...

hey when are we going to get to see the other family pictures? The one you have is super cute we want more!!

emily marie said...

This post made me so happy, I read it and then made my boyfriend stop playing games and come read it too. Then I showed him pictures of Cohen and you guys. I'm obsessed with you guys; you're the cutest family ever!!!