Tuesday, January 19, 2010

B is for Boots

Cohens vocabulary is always expanding... now he can say "wa wa" for water and bu-ball for football as well as B for his froggy boots. He is fascinated by boobies and pee pees these days too ( his own and mommy and daddy's) He can say both very well. He is learning most of his body parts. Ears and belly button are the newest addition. We were a little worried for awhile because he was having little fits here an there but we haven't had any for a few days now so hopefully it was just a phase. I kinda think he may have just been a little over tired. He is very sweet. Usually when we say no he speaks to us so softly and tops what he was doing. Sometimes if i say no he'll give me kiss and try to do whatever i said no to. He's already learning how to butter me up! I've been getting way too many comments from strangers lately about how cute my daughter is... uh maybe its time for a haircut? I think not... he's just pretty. We're holding out for his 2 nd birthday to cut those luscious curls which is only 6 months away!!!! man time flies... anyway, just a little update on our little man!

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pat,lyll,jadyn,maddux,bodey said...

ha ha jadyn just asked who is that little girl. i think his curls are cute. i think you need to have another one too. are you guys doing apx again?