Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the good life...

I have been so overwhelmed with gratitude for the wonderful life I have been blessed with. In no way is it perfect.. we have our share of challenges but overall I feel so lucky to have a husband with a heart of gold who is incredibly hard working, funny, who compliments me CONSTANTLY and has unshakeable character. I am proud of the man he is. Marcel has had such a hard time finding a job since we have been home. He has been doing odd jobs here and there and with my little income we have miraculously been getting by.... and we have been happy! I usually stress beyond measure in moments like these but maybe since we have been here before I am quite proud of myself for handling it all so well. I feel like I am finally getting a grip on what this life is about and i feel greater peace. The things around me don't determine my happiness like they used to. I know we all go through our spiritual up and downs and lately we are on the up and up. I know that is why things have been so smooth considering our challenging situation. I feel so blessed with my new calling as Young Womens Advisor. At first I was so nervous and felt so inadequate, but now I am feeling excited to be a part of these girls lives and have a part in their development spiritually! I feel like the Lord knew exactly what I needed. I always felt like I missed out since I joined the church at 19 and didn't get to take part in Young Womens and I worried that I wouldn't know what I needed to to help raise a daughter if we ever have one! I'm so grateful I have this opportunity. Marcel is in school right now and has really been applying himself to his work and spends hours job searching. He was offered a job to work at the door of a bar in Sundance, but he turned it down because he felt like that wasn't the environment he should be in. I was very proud of him for making that sacrifice knowing how desperate he is to find a job we know its better to pass on that because Heavenly Father will provide another way.
On to Cohen... He is still being his funny self. We were at the mall a couple days ago and I let him walk with me instead of in the stroller. He stays with me very well. He holds my hand most of the time. When I let him stray by himself he stays near me. While we were walking we passed a store with music and he busted out his dance moves right in the middle of a crowd of people. As the people walked passed they just laughed. My favorite thing is when Marcel comes home Cohen runs up to him with open arms and a giant smile saying "DADA!!"to welcome him home. When I put his shoes on him he immediately walks to the door while waving and saying "bye bye" to me :) The other day he came in his room grabbed his shopping cart and started to walk away while waving and saying bye bye to me. it was so cute! I love when we put a movie on for him he runs and gets comfy on the couch. Sometimes he just plops right on the carpet so eager. Last night I was in bed sick and Marcel was working on homework on the computer and we heard Cohen in the living room so Marcel went to see what he was up to (thinking he may be up to something naughty) so he came around the corner and firmly said "Cohen!" then he found Cohen being so cute just quietly watching Horton Hears a Who... Marcel came back in and gushed over how cute his son is... Marcel is so incredibly loving. He absolutely adores his son. He desires more than anything to be a good husband and father. I am so lucky and so blessed... and thats why this is title the good life... because thats what i have :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

B is for Boots

Cohens vocabulary is always expanding... now he can say "wa wa" for water and bu-ball for football as well as B for his froggy boots. He is fascinated by boobies and pee pees these days too ( his own and mommy and daddy's) He can say both very well. He is learning most of his body parts. Ears and belly button are the newest addition. We were a little worried for awhile because he was having little fits here an there but we haven't had any for a few days now so hopefully it was just a phase. I kinda think he may have just been a little over tired. He is very sweet. Usually when we say no he speaks to us so softly and tops what he was doing. Sometimes if i say no he'll give me kiss and try to do whatever i said no to. He's already learning how to butter me up! I've been getting way too many comments from strangers lately about how cute my daughter is... uh maybe its time for a haircut? I think not... he's just pretty. We're holding out for his 2 nd birthday to cut those luscious curls which is only 6 months away!!!! man time flies... anyway, just a little update on our little man!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cohen, you're so silly!

He has been doing the funniest things...um like always! Awhile back I was in the kitchen cookin and there was something on the stove so there was some steam coming from it...Cohen comes in and from where he stands he starts blowing up towards the steam. i died! He also attempts to copy Marcel whenever he sees him spit! When he sees us brushing our teeth he wants to do it also so last night we set him on the counter top and he saw us brush and spit and totally copied. We laughed so hard! We started fake crying in front him because every time we did he would come give us a kiss. Now HE is starting to fake cry. Its funny though because most of the time he's smiling and just making a crying sound! He has also learned that when he gets hurt mommy will kiss it and make it better. Well, the other day he hurt himself and decided he had the magic kisses and proceeded to kiss himself better :) He loves to jump in place but he really never gets off the ground. He just gets on the very tips of his toes and makes a grunting sound like he's trying really really hard! He can't resist the bath either. If I am in there hoping to relax he has one foot in whining until i bring him in with me. Today when he was poopy I told him to go get me a diaper and he did all the way from the other room! So i tested him again and told him to go get me wipes and he did! one wipe at a time but still i was proud! He loves when i caress him softly after i change him. its sweet. He is very loving. He really enjoys affection. He also loves books! If i'm sitting in his room or on the couch he will bring me a book and sit on my lap all by himself. And when we're done he'll go get another one. He loves books with animals. He can do a monkey sound and attempts a puppy sound. He likes when I do the elephant sound and make my arm like the trunk. His Grandma Marcia says "bew bew" for a bird and Cohen says it too! She also calls herself "vua vua" (dont know how to spell it) but It means Grandma and so he calls her that now! At church sunday when she went up to bear her testimony Cohen saw her up there and was screaming "vua vua!!!" the whole time. She smiled and had to wrap it up quickly after that because it was very distracting :) He has gotten more attached to Rawr too. Now he wants him occasinally during the day instead of just at night. When we are watching tv as a family Cohen will sit on the couch with us sometimes and when we're watching a grown up show and he hears us laugh at something he laughs moments after even though he has no clue what's going on! He can say shoes, food, juice pretty clearly now and hi and bye. He even says "no no" correctly while shaking his head. And yes! He says no for snow and no for nose while pointing to his nose. He knows where his belly button is but can't say it yet! OH! and he says "pear" for prayer and folds his arms! When we're at church and i show him pictures of Jesus he says daddy. pretty cute. He has a picture of Christ in his room and Sunday while we were getting ready i said "we're going to go learn about Jesus" and he looked up to the picture on his wall! I just wanted to post this while I had these things on my mind! He does so many new things that I can barely keep up but I'm trying so so hard! :)

This was just a video I had from a few days after Christmas that I thought was cute :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

Here's a little photo recap of 2009!
Cohen was still a baby at the beginning of this year. He was barely even sitting up i believe!

In february Marcel lost his job and we moved into his moms until we left for the summer> we got through it though!
We also went to CAlifornia to see our first niece Kenzie after she was born Feb 4th!

Marcel worked at Sammy's for a short time before we left. We visited it often... they have way good fries!
To this day Cohen hates the swing!

Look at the terror in his little face. sad.

Toothless little Baby! In April we stayed with my mom since we wouldn't see her the whole summer!
Align Center
We moved to Tampa Florida! Cohen and Zuri!

Cohen loved the ducks! He loved to go for walks around this pond all the time.

ALl my summer friends! It was our best summer yet!
Cohen started walking at about 11 months and then turned 1 on August 25th! We had a lion party for him since our last name means lion translated.

He was acting shy...
To this day Cohen is still obsessed with balls. If we're at the store and he sees one he practically hyperventilates and keeps saying ba ba ba! or booon if he sees a balloon.

He was a duck for Halloween.

A little fall photo shoot!

Another trip to California for family pics!
We had a good year. It started out rough with Marcels job loss but we had a very successful summer that helped us see the bright side. Through all the difficulties we face though we have learned an important lesson... if we work hard together we'll get through it. Its true. Cohen helps too... throughout everything he keeps us laughing! We are a very blessed family. Here's to 2010!