Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mr. Leao turns 25!

This year I put together a little party for Marcel with balloons, party hats and a handmade birthday banner. It was really fun! I spent a lot of the day baking 2 separate cakes for him just to make sure he's like one of them! I made the classic BTS cake and a really yummy white almond sour cream cake with banana strawberry layers! It was sooo good. It reminded me of the cake my mom makes for us on our birthday except she uses angel food and I really don't like that so much but I don't say anything because I just think its sweet she makes us a cake every year :) So Marcel went snowboarding for his birthday and that was my gift to him but my family pitched in and got him a remote control hummer. He really liked it and of course Cohen loved it too!

Cohen showing off all of his bracelets that my sister Kayla made.

Cohen liked my cake :)
I love that my sister Kayla wrote inside this card "Conrats! You're one day closer to death."
Aunt Tina and Uncle Phil
Marcel Monique Marcia Leandro and Cohen
My Mama!
Cutting the cake!
Happy Birthday!

Cohen's ready to party!

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