Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Festivities!

This year my family came out from California to have a real Christmas (meaning a real winter with cold and snow) not California winter ( 70 degrees and sunny)ha! We had a blast! Christmas Eve we spent at my mother in laws. It was nice. Cohen helped open his present from Grandma Marcia and when he saw the picture of the tent/tunnel he got so excited!!! I didn't expect him to really grasp christmas and gifts and everything but he caught on quick! He grabbed his present right away and took it right over to show grandma. It was really cute! Aunt Monique got Cohen a toy and ball which of course he loved. I can't get over how into balls he is. Its funny! After that we went to Lehi. We spent most of our time in Lehi at my aunt and uncles. It was nuts having so many people under one roof, especially with so many kids! But there was never a dull moment! My cousin Harleigh and ZAne spent a lot of time entertaining Cohen. It was sweet. Christmas morning Zane woke us all up before the sun... he was so excited! After cohen woke up a little more he got really into it too! Especially when he saw his gigantic ball and slide! When he opened his Yo Gabba Gabba toys from Grandma Sally he even said OOOH! i love it! He says Brobee now but it sounds a lot like ba-beee (baby) :) We went sledding after our yummy french toast breakfast! It was super fun. We dressed Cohen up in his marshmallow snow suit. He HATED the snow and being cold. He would not let me put him down. He did not like walking on it and definitely did not like sledding down it. Maybe next year :) Our son has been growing uup like crazy these days. We can't get over how smart he is. He understands a lot. LIke when we say its time for a bath he walks to the bathroom and when he wants a drink or something to eat he'll say ju or foo and say mmmmm with his eyes really big if he wants what you have. He says eye very clear and points to his eye or pokes ours:) and he'll stick out his tongue if you say tongue. He LOVES to dance and when he hears any music he'll click his tongue and dance. its hilarious! i love how he always says da-dee! He always goes muah when he gives a kiss and does that frequently. He is very loving! He says nay nay and shakes his head for no. marcel gets a kick out of it. Oh! and today while i was nannying we said a prayer over our lunch and Cohen usually just watches us when we pray but after we were done I saw him bow his head with his eyes closed and folded his little hands like he was saying a prayer. That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!!

The following sequence is backwards... oh well!

Grandma SAlly and Cohen

He was on a very important phone call
Baby SAwyer!

Love this face!!!

Love this face too! He used to do this a lot at about 9 months old and has started doing it again! Its the best!
Going in for a kiss!

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Jeff and Jill said...

What a cute Christmas post! We miss you guys and hope you are doing great!