Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time for an update!
Cohen is funny as ever. He is soooo close to talking! He has little conversations that only he can understand. My favorite is hearing him in his crib in the morning just jabbering with his lion who we nick named Wisu (pronounce wee-sue) One day while cohen was chatting away i heard him say wisu wisu and is was so cute that we just kept copying him. He stopped saying it now so we decided we'd keep it around by naming his lion Wisu! ha! Cohen loves putting our cell phones, the remote and the computer mouse to his ear and talks! He still loves his "ba" meaning ball and now says balloon "boo"so cute! the other day he did the monkey sound too but instead of oo oo ah ah ah he just said ah ah. it was the best though! he has to be the center of attention when were around people which he usually gets since he is quite the entertainer! he always wants to push the stroller, vacuum and shopping cart which isn't always convenient but cute! he also does a little dance too! he takes steps really fast in one spot and sometimes spins in circles. its funny! '
We've been working on our place painting and decorating. Its close to being done but we still have the whole kitchen to do which is a project since we have to remove wallpaper. ugh! the rest of the place looks great! We're excited for our california trip next month too! We're having family pictures done by my best friend Nicoles sister Amelia who is a professional photographer! I have wanted her to do our pictures since we got married so i'm super excited! I can't wait for New Moon to come out too! We'll be in California when it comes out so i'll get to go with my sister!
Our nephew Sawyer Jeffrey Leao was born yesterday too! We haven't seen him yet but hopefully tomorrow! Cohen has been pretty sick and has a high fever so we don't want to leave him and we certainly don't want him around a newbie. I totally tear up when I think about Sawyer. I love him so much already!!! Babies are such a blessing. I felt the overwhelming desire to have another baby but I know that it would be kind of stressful for us with Marcel not having a steady job and with so much school ahead of him. We think next March would be a good time to start trying again. Cohen would be 2 1/2 when the baby would be born which seems like a good age gap but we'll see if Heavenly Father has other plans for us :)

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julieb said...

your baby is so so cute, and your house looks great!