Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i just felt like it..

I really need to get better at blogging. Mostly for me. I always fell so rushed when I post, usually because It's during Cohen's nap time and I only have little moments for me to get things done before my sweet angel makes it difficult. I feel like Cohen is learning so much every day that I can barely keep up or remember to write it down when I get around to it!
Today while I was nannying Cohen came up to me while I was sitting on the ground just watching him play with the other boys and he ran right up to me and wrapped his little arms around my neck, and with a mouth full of goldfish he put his lips to mine and said "muah". I melted. My heart was so full. I felt so loved at that moment and it felt soooo good. I am in awe of my son everyday and the things he learns, mostly by trial and error. He is obsessed with climbing up the slide and walking down the stairs instead of climbing up the stairs and sliding down. He always wants to take the baby's (that i nanny) bottle and put it in his mouth for him. He loves when the older boys run from him. They pretend Cohen is chasing after him but really he just wants to play with them and they keep running. Last night Marcel told me when he was in our bedroom, Cohen opened the door a crack and slid through the crack rather than opening it more. When he peaked through and saw Marcel he yelled "DA-DEE" with his arms out stretched to Marcel. It made him feel so special. I'm loving this time with Cohen and I almost forget what he was like as a baby. He is such a happy boy! He has always been a very easy baby and he is still pretty easy other than his occasional tantrums he's been doing. He gets so frustrated sometimes and kicks and screams. It sounds like he is having an argument sometimes with the way he yells. I hope he didn't learn that from us! yikes! When Marcel and I have had arguments around Cohen he gets pretty upset which usually calms us down because we realize how it affects him. I have moments constantly when I just hold COhen a little bit tighter just trying to savor him. Sometimes when I hold him i feel his little hand patting me on the back. One day Cohen saw me putting lotion on my hands and he just watched me. Then i saw him put his little hands together and rub them. It was so cute! Well I'm going to wrap this up but I am going to do this more so I can look back and remember Cohen's little milestones! He is growing up soooooo fast!

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