Thursday, September 10, 2009

what a month!

So much has happened since my last post! We are home from Tampa and are still adjusting to being back. We are moving into Marcel's mom's basement apartment but we have to wait until his sister moves out before we can move in. 1 week turned to 2 weeks and now we're going on 3! i'm getting a little frustrated with the situation but i'm trying to be patient because i know it will be good in the end. we wouldn't find a better deal financially anywhere else thats for sure! i've picked out paint colors and have been collecting things here and there to decorate with so that keeps me looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel :)  Since we've been back I've taken on 2 jobs! I'm working at the Gold's Gym  playroom a couple times a week and am nannying for a family of 3 boys. I feel super blessed to have the oppotunity to work and have Cohen with me especially since marcel still hasn't found work!!! keep us in your prayers that he will find one
We also celebrated Cohen's very first brithday! He had a lion party and lots of our friends and family came! It was really fun! He is walking all over the place now and talking his own little language. He walks around pointing at everything. i love it! He loves to say "ba" which means ball. He puts both hands out like he's asking where it is. He also walks around with one arm out. Don;t know why but it's his thing! he screams when other kids are crying and gets super jeaous when i'm holding the babies i nanny. atleast it'll break him in for baby #2! i'm not pregnant again yet... but maybe soon. i'd like to wait until cohen is 2 but if it happens sooner we'd be happy! oh yeah we got a sweet new toy too! a Nikon D60! we're still learning how to work it but so far we love it! and my adoring husband got me a REAL ring! I never cared much that i didn't have a real diamond when we got married nd i kind of enjoyed being able to replace it every so often if i found another i liked more but i'm in love with the ring he got me! he gave it to me on Cohen's birthday and said thank you for being such a good mom for Cohen's first year.... anyone who knows my husband knows he is such a sweetheart and so thoughtful so it's not suprising he did that. i love him so much and i'm so grateful to have a husband who appreciates me as much as he does :) 


Audra said...

He is so cute! All that hair is adorable! I love the lion onesie with the tail!

Pat-Lyll-Jadyn-Maddux said...

adorable pictures!!! looks like your liking your new toy! and how sweet is marcel. so happy for you!

Bri said...

Your hair looks great!

And what a cute party! I seriously can't wait to throw kid birthday parties!!

jo said...

You look sooooo amazing! And that boy of your is adorable? Are you in Utah? I would love to see you if you are, let me know!:)