Thursday, May 28, 2009

this life...

This week has just been one of those weeks... one thing after another. It all started with an amazing Sunday though. Heavenly Father must've foreseen the events ahead so he gave me a spiritual boost to get me going. I needed it. Having Cohen is such a blessing but I have unintentionally become distant from Heavenly Father lately due to the fact that my little man keeps me so preoccupied!!! So sunday I put extra thought and effort into really feeling the Spirit... and I did. There wasn't really anything specific that was said I just felt it and by the end of sacrament I was balling. It was kind of embarrassing. It was the kind of cry that just wouldn't stop! I desperately needed that though. It is way to easy to be distracted in this life. I feel everyday is a battle to keep my focus on what I am really here for... that is the building of God's Kingdom here on the earth... there's so many things that I have on my "to do" list that really don't have any eternal value but I place them so high on my list of priorities. Before I know it my whole day is gone and I feel it is wasted because it is so filled with temporal things. I know the time spent changing, feeding, bathing, playing with Cohen are part of being a mother and being a mother is definitely an eternal calling but I just don't feel close to the Lord doing all those things. I guess I'm having a hard time finding the balance. Come to think of it the talks on Sunday were all about balance and how we can't balance our temporal life and spiritual life but that they need to be integrated...interesting. Maybe I'm getting to something here. I'm thinking I need to spend more time teaching Cohen gospel related things. Any mommy's out there have suggestions? Or ever feel this way?

Monday, May 11, 2009

this week in Leao Land!!!

We've been busy busy busy! Cohen helps add to the busy-ness these days... Crawling all over the place and being the cutest distraction ever created. He went from scooting to crawling to sitting up by himself to pulling himself up on everything and now is trying to cruise along while holding onto furniture all in a matter of weeks!!! It's insane! He discovered the beach and looooves the water. Its so warm out here in comparison to the water on the west coast. He also enjoys the sand! He loves the pool also. Splashing is his favorite. Oh!!!! Did I mention he is also sprouting his very first tooth!!!! I decided to look just a couple days ago out of curiosity to see if anything was poking through and sure enough!!! Poor little guy. He is handling it like a champ. He is still mostly his happy smiley self but sleeping is getting hard. He wakes up crying which is not like him. He almost always wakes up smiling and talking away happily, but not the last couple days. :( Cohen's little personality is totally coming out now! He is a crack up! He has been scrunching up his nose and smiling soooo big lately!!! And he gets mad now too!!! He tenses up his little arms and scrunches has face angrily and goes grrrrrr. His face turns bright red!!! We can't help but laugh! He does this a lot when I'm combing his hair. He always wants to grab it from me and chew on it. When he gets excited he does a similar thing where he tenses up but he flares his arms wildly and moves his feet back and forth too! He usually does this when I'm vacuuming. He's been doing the normal babbling..."mama" "baba" and "wawa"...but no "dada" yet! He loves going on walks and animals...especially dogs! The other night we were outside just talking and our friend Alicia's dog was chasing after a laser pointer she had and Cohen was just giggling away! 
For mothers day we went to the beach again with our office this time! It was fun with a big group! The office had a great saturday so after the beach we went and got pizza. We are here with a group of great people! Its awesome. Our friends Payce and Gwen are coming this week and we're really excited about that! Well... thats it for now but I will post again soon!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Clearwater Beach, Florida!

Yesterday some of the girls and I went to Clearwater Beach. I debated whether or not I should go because the last time I went was soooo much work, but I figured I should so I could get to know the other wives and see some of Florida! It was all in all a fun trip, but still work for sure! Cohen loved the sand! It was soft and white! Much prettier than West Coast beaches I have to say. There wasn't a piece of trash on that beach! One of the other wives named Wesley was there with her daughter Zuri who is 10 months old. Cohen had fun poking and playing with her! Cohen is getting much better at getting around. He is mostly up on all fours crawling around! He's hilarious. He started shaking his head vigorously back and forth again... he stopped doing that for a couple weeks and we missed it so we're glad its back!!! He's also started to do this cute little pose where he leans his head to one side like he's being shy. I adore it and him... He loves the vacuum still too! He flares his arms with excitement and stiffens his whole body when I turn it on. He gets a kick out me when I whisper to him... I whisper the most random words to him and he just bursts into laughter. He's such a smiley little guy and we enjoy him so much! He cracks us up on a regular basis and we can't wait to see what's next!!!!