Friday, April 24, 2009

California and Easter!

The first week in April we went to California to visit my family! It was the best trip yet! One of the first days Kelly Kenzie Marcel Cohen and I went to Huntington Beach! We we so eager to introduce the babies to the beach... which unfortunately was more work than fun! Sand was all over everything! Including in every crease, fold and fat roll on Cohens body! ugh. It was impossible to keep it out of Cohen's mouth too. We ended up calling it a day after 2 hours.  We spent a lot of time eating which is always my favorite part of going home. We rented a red box almost every night of our trip and ate pizza and donuts regularly. Thats one thing I miss so much is all the chinese owned donut shops! I've only ever seen Krispy Kreme in utah. Marcel and my brother Josh spent hours upon hours playing xbox. Under normal circumstances I would've never been cool with that but they were "bonding". Really though, my brother and Marcel were connected at the hip. It was awesome! They somehow started this thing where they call everyone a "noob". Pretty funny though! My sis and I paled around most of the time. Our H&M trips are my favorite! The kids clothes there are unbelievably priced and oh so hip! I accomplished my goal of finding a pair of sunglasses that made me feel like a rockstar!!! I've spent quite some time looking but was always unsuccessful until H&M!!!  I was so happy my family got to spend so much time with Cohen! It breaks my heart that there is so much distance between us. My mom spends so much time teaching Cohen. I love how "moms" know that stuff. He always grows up when we go visit her for that reason! He's going to be crawling any day now thanks to her! She kept putting him on her lap and saying horsey while bouncing him and singing. He LOVED it! We also went bowling as a family and went to breakfast at the Brackett Airfield in La Verne. Its always been a family thing for us to go there! it was so much fun! On Easter we went to church with my mom and the headed over to my dad's for a bit then came back for dinner at moms! Later that week we made another beach trip with my little brother and sister. It was there spring break and they really wanted to go so we went to Newport this time. Marcel and Josh had  a blast together as well as Kayla and her friend Harim. Those girls are inseperable! Kell and I took the babies around most of the time just waling up the pier and the boardwalk. It was a beautiful day! The weather was amazing. Our last day there I went to lunch with my mom and we sat and talked just the two of us. It makes me sad thinking about that day. Saying goodbye to her is always soooo hard for me. She works so hard to support my siblings and I worry about her constantly. She takes on so much for other people. She stretches herself so thin and gives so much of her time and money (that she doesn't have) for everyone but herself. My mom is someone that I admire sin so many ways. She has the sweetest heart. So  unselfish and giving. She is a peacemaker in every sense of the word. I just recently noticed this about her as I've gotten older. I pray that one day she and my siblings will live closer. After my mom got off work that day she came home and we all went to the park and ate hot dogs and played with water balloons! It was a blast. Marcel and I were determined to get eachother soaked. He accomplished his goal. I was drenched! Josh got in on the action too. It was soooo fun. That night we loaded up to leave and we said our tearful goodbyes. My sister was never really sad when did this before but this time she was very withdrawn and I could tell it was hard for her. She told me this was the first time in our lives that she could honestly call me her best friend. That meant the world to me! She and I have always been different and livved different lives but not we seemed to be at the same level. I love it! After we said goodbye, and we left for our 36 hour drive to Tampa... Every time I talked to or thought about my family I held back tears. I don't know why this time it is so much harder for me! I feel tears forming as I type even! I cant' wait to see them again! Anyway, I just felt the need to declare my love and appreciation for my family. 

To sum up our road trip... it was grueling! We did see some neat places though. The drive from California to Texas was nothing new but as we got into Louisiana it got interesting. We stopped in Lafayette and Baton Rouge. It was full of swamps and trees halfway under water. We drove through New Orleans too. We saw quite a bit of the remains from Hurricane Katrina. Boarded up houses and businesses. Out of nowhere we would suddenly be driving on crazy bridges over large bodies of water. It was pretty scary! Then we went into Alabama and Mississippi for a short time. It was neat crossing into Florida. Not what I expected though. We say tons of pine trees! Not palm trees! As we got further in to the state they began to pop up though! phew! that would've been disapointing and just wrong. A beach with no palm trees? Unheard of, but we got here! Not without a few bumps in the road. I forgot to mention Cohen fell off the couch at my moms twice and then nearly fell out of the truck once when we stopped to eat in Phoenix. Luckily I caught him mid air! Unfortunately Marcel wasn't as quick... when we were in Baton Rouge Cohen was standing in the drivers seat holding the steering wheel and Marcel thought it was so cute and wanted a picture... As he backed up Cohen came toppling out of the truch and onto the gravel head first! He cried and I came running over. I didn't see what happened so I was panicking! Marcel filled me in and we were both at a loss about what to do! We were really scared for our little guy. We said a prayer and felt peace about going on with the trip ( we did spend a few hours frantically looking for an urgent care! why did this have to happen thousands of miles away from home?!) anyway, he seems fine. Falling off the bed in our new place probably wasn't good either. Marcel says he's going to be retarted after this week! FALLING 4 TIMES! My poor baby! I think this has been a wake up call for us that he is getting more mobile. He wiggles his way off anything! I better wrap this up! Its not often I get free time like this to blog now so my posts are sooo long!  Here's some pictures though! There the best part anyway! :)

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