Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whew! its been a while...

The craziness of our life has somewhat settled. We moved into Marcel's mom's house which it was really nice of her to rearrange things to make room for us but it's still been hard. It's a challenge to go from having your own place and privacy. A place where you feel at home and I just don't feel that way. I'm really excited to go away for the summer! Which is weird because I was totally against it at first, but once I gave into the fact that things were going to change whether I liked it or not it kinda just grew on me. Especially since we're going somewhere awesome like Tampa Florida! Thats a major perk of the job is getting to see new places and meet new people. APX summers have actually been good for our marriage too. We seem more united in our purpose. We both work hard... he more than me, but we are apart all day so its really nice to reconnect at night with dinners and family time. The summer seems more predictable than any other time in our life and I like that. 

Anyway, on to our little cutie! 6 months and growing so fast! I've been constantly thinking that i need to document all the new things he's learning and cute things he's doing. He's really become a mover. He's always rolling over which is super funny when he gets over because he doesn't know what to do with his left arm. He always sticks it out in awkward ways so we have to fix it for him so he can get up on both arms. He's always kicking his legs up and the other day he started sucking his big toe. It was so funny. He's such a screamer too. I love it. Its usually when he pulls something to his mouth that he starts getting loud. When he's on his tummy he's started to bring his knees up under his tummy and push his feet into the ground. He doesn't go anywhere yet but he's trying! He recently started to sit up really well to. Whenever I'm holding him he'll  put his mouth on my neck and cheek and make noises. Its funny becuase he only does it when he has something against his mouth like a blanket or whatever. He loves when we act like we're eating him. Especially the inside of his thigh and under his arms. He has the best laugh! He's also learning to shake his head from left to right. I give him eskimo kisses and  rub our noses together so I think thats where he learned it and I lOVE that! He's still not sleeping so great. We've had him on solids since 4 months and he started sleeping atleast a 7 hour stretch and sometimes he'd wake up once but thats not too bad. Now we're back to 2-3 times a night. The weird thing is when he started to sleep more at night I started to get scared that I'd miss those special moments where he would sleep peacefully in my arms with a full tummy. So i guess i got what i wanted. Its so hard to see those middle of the night feedings as special when I'm sooooo tired! 
Oh and my sis Kelly had a baby too! Kezington Rose. Such a doll. I got to see her come home from the hospital at my mom's house in California which I was really happy about. Kelly had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the hormonal changes and life with a new baby so I was glad to be there to remind her it would pass. Now I'm jealous because Kenzie sleeps like a dream! So i'm glad I caught myself up on things! We have a computer again so I can stay on top of things!