Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two weeks with Cohen!

He's all ready to go!
I don't think he wanted to be disturbed.

So this is how he fit in my belly!

He was sleeping like this. He must've been hungry!

This is when he had to be on the UV lights for his jaundice. I love his little hands!

I love that litte grin!

He's beginning to really like bathtime!

Cohen has been such a joy to have in our home. He is so funny and cute. He makes he funniest faces sometimes.We have to have the camera on hand at all times with this little guy. It's been interesting getting to know him and seeing him develop. He's beginning to have more awake times which he spends looking around at the skylights we have in the ceiling. Every now and then he focuses on mine and marcel's face for a second or two. Our favorite is after he has been fed we lay with him for awhile and watch him as he's half asleep with a full belly because we can usually catch him grinning away. His whole face lights up when he smiles. I can't wait until he smiles on purpose! The best feeling in the world is after he has eaten I lay him on my chest and he usually snuggles up right under my chin, curls his little legs up to his tummy and lays his hand on my chest and sleeps away... most late nights I prop myself up with pillows and just leave him there so I can savor those little moments. I try not to bring him in our bed often but during the day when I nap with him I do and its so wonderful having him there to snuggle. He really likes to sleep with us too. He always sleeps a lot longer with us.. andwith a newborn thats like 3 1/2 hours which is a dream come true for me. Our first week with him was very harder and I'm convinced it was harder than it's suppose to be. Nursing Cohen the first week in the hospital was already really hard because he had to stay in the nursery for his jaundice and antibiotic treatment. When we brought him home he had already lost a pound in the hospital. By his first doctors appointment he hadn't gained any weight and I felt awful. I nursed him ever 2-3 hours and was exhausted and to know he was still losing weight was very discouraging. The pediatrician told me I needed to supplement with formula so we could get his jaundice cleared up and get him back to his birth weight. In one week we did it! He got back to 6lbs 8oz. In the meantime I had been meeting with lactation consultants to help me figure out why he wasn't gaining. He was growing really attached to the bottle unfortunately and I didn't know what to do. After several meetings they told me Cohen just wasn't sucking properly and I'd have to train him how to do it. It's been so frustrating and overwhelming. I've spent several days and nights just crying because I want him to breastfeed so much but he's frustrated too because he's hungry! I'm still trying now and then to nurse but the bottle is just getting easier and more enjoyable for all of us. I thought the whole point of breastfeeding was to bond with your baby but for us it has turned into a very stressful time so I'm trying to just find peace in knowing I tried. Really REALLY hard! Since introducing formula into Cohens diet it has made life a lotmore pleasant for all of us and we've been able to see a much happier and content baby... not just a starving cranky one. We love him either way but we all sleep a whole lot better now.


Audra said...

He is so cute and I am glad you three are doing well. I am sorry that nursing isn't going as well as you would have hoped. It can be very difficult but it is so good for them especially when they are small. Don't give up! It will get easier and it is easier and much cheaper than formula! No bottles to wash, carry, and prepare! I had 13 good months nursing Kate and it was so worth it. A good resource to check out is the La Leche League. Their website is
I supplemented with formula for a little while but them I just went straight to nursing. You can do it!

Nicole DeAnne................. said...

kristina! He is gorgeous! I cant believe what a beautiful baby you & Marcel brought into this world!
I am going to call you this week... I want to hear everything! Hang in there.... I know it will get easier for you too! I will keep you in my prayers! I love you!

pat-lyll-jadyn-maddux said...

he is adorable! my favorite is the one of him all curled up. i hope everything is going good. we are moving to kansas. boo for kansas but yay for a real job. so i wont be in provo :( but i have a present i really need to get to you before we move. and i really want to meet that cute little guy in person. plus jadyn wants to see him too.