Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 Month!

Our little guy is 1 month old and growing like crazy! He's actually outgrown a few of his premie clothes and is filling out his newborn clothes much better. He's over 8 pounds now but its hard to tell because he's so long! He was 21 1/4 when he was born so who knows how long he is now...

This month Cohen...

Has become very alert and stares at the skylights, mobile & mom and dad's face!

He grunts constantly, especially while pooping! its so cute.

He's started trying to make noises other then grunting and crying.

When we have him on our shoulder to burp him he holds his head up nice and strong and when on his tummy he can lift it and turn it the other way.

He loves being sung to.

He sleeps much better in bed with us especially on my chest. (we on the other hand don't)

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