Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lucky #6!

Marcel's dream came true last night. 311 has been his favorite band since high school and maybe even before that and he had the priviledge of seeing them play in concert for the 6th (my 3rd)time last night. It was a great show! We had great seats on the floor but unfortunately I was afraid that little Cohen would be born deaf soooo... Mal and I left Marcel and his bro Jadi and our friend Joe to sit in the farthest place from the stage which happened to be where everyone was getting high. Probably not the best thing for my little guy either but oh well. After the show was over our friends got us backstage which was way awesome.... until they told us that we couldn't meet any of they guys cuz they had already taken off. As we were making our way out Nick Hexum happened to walk right passed us he glanced over and being the nice guy that he was stopped to chat with us and Marcel even snagged a picture with him! We kept walking and sure enough Tim Mahoney crossed paths with us too! We even introduced him to Cohen, his soon to be 2nd biggest fan (next to Marcel of course) He was a super nice guy. He spent quite sometime talking to us. Anyway, that was a great way to end an already really fun time. Oh and my favorite part of the night... seeing freakin Snoop Dogg! Random I know, but pretty awesome!


pat-lyll-jadyn-maddux said...

hey i dropped my phone in the bathtub so you need to call me or text me so i can get your number back. how is it being home? are you getting ready for that little baby to come out?

Orange Juice said...


You guys are just too wild and crazy!! and Super cute. How fun. I think that you are me. and I will call you. Did you get my email? It has some pretty rad news.

ps. you are looking so cute. Keep up the good work. And I want to see you crib bedding and stuff. I bet it is just adorable.

Suzanna H. said...

Congratulations on the little one!